Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Real Money vs. Fake Money

Why do I love my friends and followers on Twitter?  Let me tell you . . .

I was talking to Paris Nichlaides @OdysseusCA on Twitter, telling him about how I always tell my children, when they exchange coins for paper at the bank that they are trading Real Money for Fake Money.  You understand that don't you?  That when you give up your coins you are giving up REAL MONEY.  You DO understand that the paper money in your pocket/purse is just "Monopoly Money," right?  

Paris immediately sent me to a video that talks about the difference between "real money" and "currency" and it is really good, really entertaining and filmed in a way to hold your interest while explaining complex ideas.  I love it!  

I just had to share this information with you guys and found this video an excellent education on money, wealth and freedom . . . all the things I love to talk about on this blog so it fits right in.

Man, I love my friends and followers on Twitter. 

You can get more information at this webiste: | YouTube Channel

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