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Why SHOULDN'T Marissa Mayer (CEO of Yahoo!) get $36 Million Dollars?

Man, what's going on with people!  There are so many articles about the female CEO of Yahoo! Inc. and how much she is getting paid -- like what she's getting paid last year is a big thing in the CEO world. It's not.  

Other top executives (CEOs, COOs, CIOs, etc.) get a lot more compensation with no proof that they are doing any innovating, changing or creating value for their perspective companies.  If you really look into the world of CEOs and their salaries & compensation -- I venture to say that Marrisa Mayer isn't even getting paid fairly compared to her fellow CEOs.  Let's see what CEOs are getting each year:

CEO's Salary & Compensation

 The average salary package of a S&P 500 Index Company is $12 Million in 2012 according to AFL-CIO Executive PayWatch. 

Google Inc. , Eric E. Schmidt made $100 Million
( Base: $937,500, Bonus: $0, Stock & Other Awards: $99 Million)

Oracle Corp, Lawrence Ellison made $96 Million
( Base: $1, Bonus $0, Stock & Other Awards: $96 Million)

CBS Corp, Leslie Moonves made $69 Million
 (Base: $3.5 Million, Bonus: $27.5 Million, Stock & Other Awards: $38 Million)

Discovery Communications Inc. David M. Zaslav $50 Million
( Base: $3 Million, Bonus $0, Stock & Other Awards: $47 Million)

Abercrombie & Fitch, Michael S. Jeffries $48 Million
( Base: $1.5 Million, Bonus $0, Stock & Other Awards: $46.5 Million)

Disney Co, Robert Iger $40.2 Million
( Base: $2.5 Million, Bonus $0, Stock & Other Awards: $37.7 Million)

McKesson Corp, John H. Hammergren $39.6 Million
( Base: $1.6 Million, Bonus $0, Stock & Other Awards: $38 Million)

There are more, but I was getting tired of typing so I choose these 7 . . .Please notice that these and approximate 100 more CEOs get in stock and other awards what Marrisa makes for her whole compensation package! Hmmmm.

Marrisa's Compensation:

So let's break down Marissa Mayer's take for 2012:
Base salary: $454,862
Bonus: $1,200,000
Stock Awards: $35,000,000 (which are not fully vested until 2017)
So basically, she can't sell most of her stock and realize a profit from having this stock until 2017. 

So, what does this tell me?  It tells me that unless she helps maintain the stock price or do things to raise the stock value up by the year 2017, she does not get much of the millions and millions you guys are crying "unfair" about.  So, currently she can only get her grubby little hands on $1.6 million dollars this year.  Hmmm.

Okay, so we're clear about how Marissa's pay & compensation doesn't even compare to the top 100 CEO's of the United States . . . let's look at what Marrisa brings to the table.

The Value Marrisa Brings to Yahoo! Inc.:

1.  Much media attention when everyone thought Yahoo! was dead because, face it, Google is GOD in the world of "Inter-webs".  And know this, Google is a jealous god. So good work Marissa for getting -- and continuing to get -- good media coverage for Yahoo! This is a tough task in itself.

2. She's revamping the company culture -- expanded benefits for Yahoo employees (except telecommuting), demanded employees take ownership of projects, gave away free technology to all employees so they can work faster and gain better response time to work. Marrissa and her team's goal is to make Yahoo! a great place to work and this push may be working because Yahoo! claims that people applying for jobs at the company has doubled in the year.

3.  Yahoo's stock increased by nearly 50% from July 2012 to April 2013, thereby creating $6.8 billion (that's a "B" people!) in additional value to the shareholders of Yahoo!

 4.  She just announced a new plan for generating more ad revenue using what they call "Yahoo! Stream Ads" and "Billboard Ads."

5.  Oh, and did I mention that she did all this while . . .birthing a freakin baby! And only took a couple of weeks off for maternity leave! But, she doubled the amount of paid leave Yahoo! gives their female employees (new mothers) from 8 weeks to 16 weeks.  And increase new father's paid leave to 8 weeks.

Okay, so let's look at the bottom line.  Marrisa Mayer in her first year (while having a baby) increased Yahoo!'s value $6.8 Billion while making $36 Million (of which she won't fully realize until 2017).

So in essence she's taking home .005% of the value that SHE CREATED for the company.  Look at that number folks, that's not even 1% that's not even .5% (half of a percent).  Excuse me but, compared to the other CEOs . . .I think that's freakin' fair!

Haters gotta stop hating!

Seriously, my dear friends, if you want to be rich some day -- if you are on the path of being wealthy and having millions, maybe even billions --you really have to stop hating on people and what they have acquired and do the numbers!  

If you could start figuring out your worth within your company, your association, your industry and actually show people that your skills, expertise and knowledge can gain them wealth -- you too can ask for .5% (half a percent) of the gain or profits.  You could even ask for 1% of the gain, profit or value with a good conscious and still be wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.  We have to start breaking down what we can do and present them in cold, hard RESULTS (number,s usually).  It's the only language business understands, so we should start learning the language -- and stop hating others that are fluent in said language.

The moral of the story

The only thing I resent about Marrisa Mayers is that she realized that she was a value to a company and that she had the fortitude to take the risks, make the changes, and create great value -- and she recognized that she should be compensated for these skills.

And I freakin' didn't recognize this about myself!

So here's the question to you (my dear reader) . . .

When are WE going to realize this, so we can gain the wealth we want?

When are WE going to recognize our value and how it benefits others?

When we can answer that about ourselves.  Then we will no long waste energy questioning others and their success.  We will be to busy enjoying our own!

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