Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wealth - What is it really?

Just to let you know, I am a researcher. I am in complete heaven when I take a topic (such as wealth) and research the hell out of it. Weeks can go by and I am content learning, more and more and more about a particular subject. This happened recently when I decided to learn about the topic of wealth, and in my searching, I've gained some wonderful insights that I would like to share with you.

My mind-set in the beginning: Wealth = a whole lot of money.

Which turned into: "Having a plentiful supply of material goods and money" (

Which became: "The value of one's total possessions and property rights." (

Then: "The abundance of objects of value." (

Later: "Money is not wealth; the stuff money buys is wealth" (

And after that: "the quality of profuse abundance" (

Much later: "Wealth is the things that create an abundance of happiness"

And finally: Wealth is the abundance of all things that can make us happier. (Note the term happier). It is the abundance in ALL realms of life -- financial, emotional, physical, spiritual, etc. (telecommuting millionaire)

Wisdom was found in my journey -- and isn't that the point of all good journeys? And along the path to wisdom I found some really cool friends, people that see very clearly in this world that is muddled with "stuff", "obstacles," and "intentional blinders." And in their clear vision and sharing heart, they say things like:
Wealth is not money. Wealth is what money buys. (In a dark alley at night, would you rather have a ten-dollar flashlight, or a ten-dollar bill?) Money isn't wealth; it's a claim on wealth. Money is just the solvent that makes it easier to create, obtain, and exchange wealth. (Money I've earned is just a bunch of certificates that say I've created a certain amount of wealth, turned it over to others, but haven't yet acquired an equivalent amount of wealth produced by others. Money is a time-shifting mechanism. Money I've earned says, "This guy produced wealth of this value, but he hasn't exchanged it for an equivalent amount of wealth yet." )

" . . . the word wealth comes from the Old English words "weal" (well-being) and "th" (condition) which taken together means "the condition of well-being?" Did you also know that the word "economic" comes from the Greek oikonomia meaning "the management of the household." When have you heard a report from economists or business analysts talk about conditions of household living and management? Instead we have become immune to strong language like the word "mortgage" which literally means in French "a pledge unto death" or what I call "a grip of death!" How we have twisted the meaning of words."
The Meaning of Wealth by Mark Anielski(warning: links to PDF file of the full article -- but it is an article worth reading!)

"Personally, I dont think being wealthy has too much to do about money. One can be money rich and spiritually a pauper, end result MISERABLE life. I have seen and met a lot of people who had barely enough for daily needs but were happy and there were people who were rich and very unhappy."

Comment by Robin Bal on "What is Wealth" posted on

Wealth is not measured by the size of houses, the speed of cars, the price of handbags, the trendy eateries and lounges frequented by celebrities, or the purity of the drugs that those who consider themselves fashionable funnel up their noses. That sort of wealth can be attained by simply being born the son or daughter of financially wealthy parents, climbing dirty ladders, or marrying someone.
Our acts determine our true wealth.
When someone says that they love you, and you know that they mean it to their very core, that there is no doubt in any cell in your entire body that they are unconditionally sincere – then you are wealthy.

It bears repeating: WEALTH = The abundance in ALL realms of life -- emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, and maybe as an afterthought . . . financial.

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