Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Way to Be Truly Thankful

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Help Others and Become Successful

Make others successful and you will automatically become a success!  When you start your business, think about your customer or your client.  When you get a new job, think of your customers and your employer.  Pull yourself outside of your own needs, outside of your head, outside of your world.  The key to this method is: satisfying others to create the best testimonials and recommendations is best advertisement for your business, your talent or your knowledge. More importantly, successful people are surrounded by others that are very successful.  The best way to surround yourself with successful people is to MAKE them successful!  

Are you getting the clue?  Good, because I've always wanted to be surrounded by powerful, successful and influential friends and YOU are my best shot!

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

The best social media network to use ?

Just recently, someone asked me: What is the best social media network to use to market my real estate business?

The answer is simple.  The best social media network to use is the social media network that most of your clients/customers are using . . . easy huh? 

But besides this obvious answer, seriously think about your business and your industry.  Which social media network would be the best tool to promote your business?  

Let's just say you are in the business of music . . . Soundcloud or any social network that features audio and allows your music to be played easily should be the social network you should focus on.  

Let's say your business is real estate, you should look at social media networks that allow you to feature pictures or video of your properties, which would be maybe Pinterest, or Google+ or Instagram.  

Are you a consultant?  LinkedIn groups or Facebook pages would be the logical tool to highlight, feature and sell your consulting services to an audience interested in your topic.

But, more importantly then finding the right social media network to amass an audience, when you are beginning your online marketing efforts you should focus on developing your audience on ONE social media network.  

Let me explain the logic of my method: when you focus on one network you reduce the changes of being overwhelmed by social media tasks.  Also, you will have a much greater success in developing an engaged audience that will follow you anywhere.  Why is an engaged audience that will follow you so important? Because if you have an engaged and loyal audience you can direct them to other social media networks and accounts you will open in the future.  

Let's just say you have worked hard and smart and developed a large audience of 3,000 followers on Twitter.  Great, but you have a real estate business and featuring your business on Pinterest would be much more suitable for your business.  On Pinterest you would be able to feature photos of your latest properties for sale and even feature a video tour or two. Because you developed a loyal following of 3,000 people on Twitter, it would be a simple matter of you opening a Pinterest account, pinning your photos and videos of properties and then going back to Twitter and letting your audience know that they can "view" some of your properties on your new Pinterest account!  Wha-la, an instant Pinterest audience.

But don't be an amateur social media user, the point is not to acquire numbers . . . 5,000 followers, 1,000 connections, 10,000 likes mean nothing! The real key to success on any social media network is the interaction you have with your audience.  Truly, you should focus on acquiring an audience on the social networking platform that you enjoy visiting and using -- because you will be visiting this site often to talk to your "people."  The key to success is to have conversations with your audience.  Responding to comments, questions, concerns are key to developing a loyal audience of potential clients. 

So, in summary:

1.  Use the social media network that your potential clients love to use (your audience is there, you just have to let them know that you are there to help them);

2.  Focus on developing an audience on one social media network before venturing onto others when you first start out (focus your efforts);

3.  The point is to be available to your potential clients and easily engage with them no matter what social media platform you use.

 Good luck in your endeavors! 

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Telejobs - Amazon (Seasonal Customer Service)

It's that time of year you guys!

Customer Service Jobs

Virtual Call Center Jobs

Amazon offers a competitive base pay and bonus opportunity, time off, some shift flexibility (shift swaps, flex scheduling), an employee discount, and dedicated resources to support your ongoing growth and development.  
All you need to get started is talent and customer obsession, a home computer with high speed internet, an analog phone line, and a dedicated, distraction free home workspace. 
We know working from home is new to most people, so we want to give you as many facts up front as possible for you to make an informed decision.  Here is some additional information for you to know about working from home for Amazon:
  • We’ll prompt you to run a quick, online computer diagnostic to ensure your home computer meets our technical requirements for the job.  We respect your privacy, and are only checking for the following technical requirements (and we’re sorry, but we don’t support laptops, tablets, Macs or Linux for this role):
    • Windows 7 or Windows 8
    • 64-bit Operating System
    • Windows Auto Update
    • Antivirus Software
    • Firewall Activated
    • 5 MB/second or higher download speed Ethernet connection
  • Base pay is $11.00/hour.  Plus – think of the money you’ll save on gas, work clothes, and dining out when you work from home!
  • Seasonal employees may remain with Amazon in a temporary capacity for up to six months, depending on business need. There may be opportunities for regular long term employment. 
  • Both full and part time opportunities are available, but hours for all staff increase substantially during our peak season (Thanksgiving through mid-January).  A few weeks before and after December 25 is our busiest time.  
    • We’ll usually ask full timers to work overtime above 40 hours for a few weeks
    • We’ll usually ask part timers who typically work 20-29 hours per week to scale up to 30-40 hours during this time
    • Our Virtual Contact Center is open from 5AM – 11PM Pacific Standard Time.  Some level of schedule flexibility is required and expected, as available shifts include days, afternoons, and evenings, typically one or both weekend days, and occasional overtime. 
    • If you’re a student, we’ll do our best to work around your school schedule.
    • Flexible schedules are available for those who want the option.  You can build the schedule that best matches your personal needs with the coverage we need in order to provide excellent service to our customers!
    • It is highly likely that as a new hire, you’d start off on a late afternoon or evening shift, and will work at least one weekend day.

Basic Qualifications
  • 1+ years prior Customer Service Experience
  • High School Diploma
  • Must pass criminal background check
  • Excellent computer skills; strong familiarity with Microsoft Office, email, chat, and the Internet
  • Outstanding communication skills
  • Ability to participate in and successfully complete, initial mandatory training (M-F for an average of 3 weeks). All training is completed from home!
  • Ability to take any shift Sunday through Saturday from 5:00am to 11:00pm in your local time zone (set schedules will be assigned on your first day of work).  Please note that most shifts for new hires will be evening shifts and will include one or both weekend days.
  • Be able to attend an onsite new hire orientation in Albany, OR.
Work from Home Office/Technology requirements:
  • Your home address must be in the state of Arizona. Any applicants with home addresses outside of Arizona will not be considered.
  • Have a desktop PC meeting the aforementioned technology requirements (No laptops, tablets, or Macs).
  • Have (or be able to obtain) Ethernet High Speed Internet (5mb/s download speed or better) from a reliable provider.  Wireless internet is not permissible.
  • Have (or be able to obtain) a dedicated analog telephone land line from a reliable carrier (must be installed before you can start).
  • Secure, dedicated, and distraction-free home workspace (free from background noise and  interruptions, i.e. spouse, children, roommate, pets, TV, etc.) for your entire shift.
  • Another means of communication (personal landline or cell phone, for emergency purposes only).
Preferred Qualifications
  • Associate’s degree or higher
  • 3+ years' experience as a customer service professional
  • Prior experience working independently in a virtual environment
  • Strong familiarity with online shopping and internet research
Amazon is an Equal Opportunity Employer
Additional Information To apply go to:

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

It's okay to ask for help

Okay people, let me tell you this:  Asking for help is not a signal of weakness.  In fact, the opposite is true.  The people that believe that it's perfectly natural for others to help them achieve their dreams are the most successful people.

If we are going to be successful millionaires, we have to get over the our whole "I can do this all by myself" mentality.  Seriously, people do not build empires all by themselves.  An empire has "people" in it . . . large amounts of people.

In fact, pulling people together and asking for help from a large group of people is the key to success.  People who are building companies, or dreams, knows that relying on people to help is a necessary - correction, a fundamental piece to the puzzle. 

Successful people do not allow these types of issues to "hold them back" from their goals.


Issue #1:  Because I'm asking for help, I'm broadcasting to everyone that I don't have the ability to do this for myself.

Issue #2: If I ask for help, people will laugh at me and reject my pleas and I'll look foolish or stupid.

Issue #3:  Asking for help is a sign that I don't know what I'm doing and I hate to look unprofessional.

Issue #4:  People who help me often don't do it the way that "I" would do it. I just hate for anything connected to me to look half-done and unprofessional.  I'd rather do it myself.

Issue #5:  People are generally incompetent.

Issue #6:  When I ask for help, someone always inadvertently lets me down and I end up doing it myself anyway.


So, how do you get people to jump on the band wagon?
  • Let them in on the dream;
  • Make the dream so appealing that they just have to join in;
  • Let them know they can join in;
  • Ask them to join in;
  • Don't be such a perfectionist, let others do it the way "they" do it - you don't own the rights to "perfection".

If you take the above attitudes to heart, this will ultimately help you create a "tribe", a group of people that share your dream and see themselves as a part of your dream -- your vision.  You know what makes asking for help much easier?  Cultivating people that want to help you achieve that dream.  Having trusted friends, colleagues, and people that you know are competent and talented . . . makes it so much easier to ask for advice, or favors, or work or whatever!

Now, do you know how to make sure people keep being a part of your tribe and sticking their dreams into the success of your dream?  Well you say THANK YOU of course . . . in other works, you pay people for their assistance.  And there are so many ways to pay people back for the help they give you.  

There are really FIVE (5) great ways of saying "Thank You" that really work:

1.  Money (paying for talent, knowledge and skill is always the best way to get the best help).

2.  Give people of your "tribe" referrals.  Tell other people who will pay or give favor to your "helper" for their talents, skills and experience.

3.  Acknowledgement (public and private).  For some people, that's all they need.  All they want is someone to recognize their efforts.

4.  Gifts and/or Giftcards and other treats

5.  Help them with future favors (an exchange of talent, skills, experience) so they can realize THEIR dreams as well!

So now you know the fundamentals to building your empire.  When you become emperor of your "dreams come true", don't forget about the little guys who helped you build it, my most powerful and influential friend!


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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Do people recognize as soon as they meet you?

I'm not sure if you all know the story about my climb to gain powerful and influential friends.  If not, listen up, it's important because it demonstrates the power of THE MIND.  It also solidifies the notion that YOU are the controller of your life and your life experience.  Seriously, if you want to have something, be something or do something . . . you have to CONVINCE yourself that you have it already.  That's it.  That's the secret.

I know about this secret because it happened in MY LIFE.  Yes, I lived it!  So, I can tell you with confidence that this simple truth really works.  In my case, one day I was getting a guest list together for a big event.  My husband and I were going to get all our friends together for an elegant celebration.    I was looking through the list to note if we had some prominent people in it, so I could entice some of the reluctant friends to come to the event (I have a set of friends that just want to sit around the house and watch sports and stuff.  It is often a task to get them to unstick their butts from their couches.) As I was compiling the list and, taking the hint from Santa, checking it twice . . . I realized that my husband and I were the most powerful and influential of all of our friends.  

What a sad statement, because my husband and I  (at the time) were broke nobodies.  

I looked at the list and realized, that all these people came to US for advice.  All these people came to US for a loan of money when things got tight.  All these people did the same things (usually not much of anything) day in and day out.  All these people never did anything daring or exciting or different.  Basically, if my husband and I were in a pinch financially, legally, employment-wise, spiritually . . . we were basically on our own.  Wow.  

Kind of distraught, I went to my husband and said, "Look at this!  We are the most power and influential of our friends.  This is crazy -- this is wrong.  Shouldn't we have people we can go to for advice?  Shouldn't we have people we consider mentors?  Shouldn't we be around people that we at least aspire to be like?"

My husband calmly looked at the list and said:  "Yes.  But here's the thing, if you want powerful and influential friends you have to seek out powerful and influential people.  Those types of people are busy doing cool stuff.  They don't just fall in your lap.  You have to seek them out.  You have to make an effort to be all the things powerful and influential people like.  You have to be interesting, knowledgeable, fun, adventurous, different, approachable, understanding and positive.  You have to be all those things FIRST to attract them.  You have to want powerful and influential friends CONSCIOUSLY."

So, I started conditioning myself.  I started telling myself that I'm interesting.  That I'm unique.  That my life is fun and I do fun stuff and interesting people would LOVE to be around me.  I started looking around for new friends that were doing daring things that I've always wanted to do.  I kept prepping my MIND, saying to myself:  "My life is interesting and fun.  I'm going to meet interesting people and I'm gonna do interesting things that I've always wanted to do and some new things that I haven't thought of yet."

Suddenly, I started recognizing all types of opportunities that came my way.  Invitations to parties and events.  Opportunities to travel.  Opportunities to meet people outside my current circles.  Opportunities to learn new stuff.  I said YES to the majority of them (didn't have enough time to say YES to all of them).  

About a year later, I realized I had added a whole new circle of people into my life.  And because of those people, I was doing a lot of things I hadn't before.  I was doing fun things. My life was richer, better and much more interesting!  I was looking forward to weekends.  I was telling old friends that they had give me much more notification of events they planned because I was BOOKED for the next two to three weekends with really cool stuff to do! And really cool people to do it with!

Do you want an more interesting life, with interesting people, doing interesting stuff? Then YOU have to believe that your life is interesting, full of interesting people doing interesting things.  YOU have to believe it before anyone else does!

Don't believe me?  Here is Dave Chappelle describing his first encounter with Kanye West before Kanye was known by anyone.  Dave Chappelle says, when he met Kanye, he "knew" he was a star.  

Do people recognize your potential as soon as they meet you like Dave Chappelle did Kanye West?  Maybe it's because you are not convinced yet what type of life you want to lead.  I want a life full of powerful, influential and interesting people -- and I'm in the process of getting that.  Kanye wanted to be a star -- and he got that.  What is your life supposed to look like?

All I know is . . . right now, mostly because of you guys, my life is dope!


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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Your Environment and Circumstances . . .

The other day, one of my friends asked me if I really believed some of the things I write about.  In particular that one's environment and circumstances are a reflection of one's thoughts.  He went on and on pointing out all the obvious reasons why I should discount this belief that I espouse.  

He pointed out that I was born on the lower-economic echelon of Great American economic ladder; that I was African-American and a female in a male dominated world; my education was not the best; I know very few people of influence; I was the statistical fatherless child growing up --  the list went on and on.

Yes, I agreed, all those things are true.  And most people would be angry at all the unfair treatment that a little black girl from the poor side of town, who didn't know her father, received on a regular basis all through her life.  But, I had a whole extended family  of 30+ people who loved and supported me.  My primary education wasn't the best, but I pushed myself through college and hold a degree in a field that I love.  Through hard work and money management skills, I'm no longer in the lower levels of the economic ladder.  And I'm part of a wonderful nuclear family that has a dedicated mommy and daddy and three bright kids. I do the work that I love.  And all through my trials and tribulations I have had wonderful friends, family and fans of my work that keep me motivated and smiling on a daily basis.

Yes, the world can be rough and brutal and I've seen some really messed up stuff and people have done some terrible things to me and near me, but I can still hold on to the principal that your mindset determines the condition of your environment and your circumstances.

Shaking his head, he still could not understand how this could be.  How I could think this way . . . so, I told him a story. That made this very clear to him, I think.

 There is an old fairy story about the Sun and Earthly Creatures.

One day, the Sun was listening to some earthly creatures 
talking about a very dark place they had found. A place of 
deep, dark abyss. A Stygian darkness, of gloom and 
forbidding. Each creature told how terrifically horrible and
dark the place had seemed. They went on and on about this 
place they had found, describing it in great detail.

Curious, the Sun went and looked for this place. He went to 
the exact spot they had described. He searched 
EVERYWHERE, but he could not find even a tiny shadowy 

He came back to tell the earth creatures he couldn't find it, 
and in fact, he did not believe there was any dark place.

For you see, we only see our reflection - the energy we give 
off. Darkness is the absence of light. Evil is merely the 
absence of good.

BE THE SUN my friend.

P.S. I failed to point out to my friend one thing on his list that was very, very wrong. I DO know people of influence and power.  YOU!  Stay powerful and influential my friends!

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