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Earn Quick Money: Washing Windows

Stores, businesses, stores, restaurants, homes, apartments, condos . . . what do all these have in common?  Windows!

Windows need cleaning nearly every 4 months.  Guess what?  You can make money because everyone needs windows to be cleaned.  All you need is a few clients, with a few windows and you can work all morning, be done by 1PM each day and make up to $500 a day.  Cool huh?

It's a simple thing to provide this service for all your family and friends.  (Remember, if you decide to service strangers you should have a business license and insurance just in case things go wrong (like broken glass, broken items, etc).  So, let's keep it with the family and friends plan right now.

How to Get Started:

Charity starts at home . . . remember that saying?  Well, it really applies to your money-making efforts right now.  You should definitely practice your new craft on your own windows.  Why is that a good idea?  Because you can really get the hang of how to use your window washing tools so that you look very professional when you begin serving other people's windows.  But also, you can take pictures of your new gleaming windows to show your new clients if they want to see your handy work (or they can simply drive by your house that has glass gleaming with cleanliness).

Next, volunteer to do some of your family's windows, and then ask them to refer their friends to you for the same service.  The goal of all this preliminary work is to get you used to cleaning windows.  Using professional techniques, it will eventually take you approximately 5-10 minutes per window.

The Tools You Will Need:

A bucketUnger QB220 6 gallon Pro Bucket Fits 18" Washer, Green with Black Handle

Squeegee 12' inch and 6' inch; Strip Applicator; Utility Knife; and other tools:Unger Pro Window Cleaning Kit with 8 Foot Pole, Scrubber, Squeegee, Scraper, Sponge (PWK00)

#0000 steel wool pad (for whitish water spots stuck to your window that makes it hazy):Red Devil 0310 16 Pack Steel Wool, 0000 Super Fine

A pole that will allow you to wash second floor windows: Unger Opti-Loc Aluminum Extension Pole, 18 Feet, Three Sections (ED550)

Or you may purchase an entire Window Washing PackageUnger QB220 6 gallon Pro Bucket Fits 18" Washer, Green with Black Handle

Business CardsAvery Business Cards, Microperforated, 2 x 3.5 Inches, White, 1000 Cards (8471)

The Professional Techniques Needed to Clean Windows:

1.  Apply the soapy mixture to the window
2.  Take out the sides with the squeege
3.  Then the middle
4.  Then finish the bottom (across)

This takes practice but it should look like this:

The Solution The Professional Use:

3 tbsp liquid washing soap (use Dawn, Palmolive, etc.)
1 tbsp anti-spotting agent (jet-dry)
A bucket of water

Or you can use product:

How To Get Clients

1.  Start with your family and friends and do an excellent job;

2.  Start in your own neighborhood, knock on each of your neighbor's door and ask if they need window cleaning (but make sure your windows are clean first)

Your Sell's Pitch
"Good morning, my name is JoAnn Smith.  I am making the neighbors aware of my services and was wondering if I might clean your windows.  We have a window package right now that . . ."

If the person say yes, before you book the appointment, make sure to walk around the house and estimate how much the job will cost them.  Write how much you will charge on the back of your business card.  Make sure to make the appointment for later that day or the next morning. Don't let a lot of time go by before doing the work -- you don't want people to change their minds.

If the person says "NO."  Thank them and extend a business card.  Ask them if they have any family or friends that need the service and could they please refer them to you.

How Much Should I Charge

Each location has different pricing/rates for window washing, you will have to do some research to find a fair rate.  You should rate your service by size of window . . . for instance:

Small windows (no panes) = $XX
Medium windows (no panes) = $XX
Large windows (no panes) = $XX
Windows with many panes = add $XX

Charge for outside cleaning only. You should add additionally for inside cleanings. Prices should double for washing windows on the second story.  For third story windows, add $4-6 to each price of the second story window.

For correct pricing of the entire job, count the number of windows by size. Windows with screens should require extra charge (because you must remove and place back screens).  Cleaning screens along with the windows should be extra.

Happy Customers Refer New Clients:
TIP: Let your customers know that if they refer friends they can get a discount off the base price of their next window cleaning.  Let's just say you offer 10% off for every client they refer to you -- which means that if they refer 10 friends than they get a free cleaning!

Beware: If you break something  you have to pay for it.  If you kill plants around the house with your soapy solution, you may have to replace them.  Be careful and have something that will cover nearby plants.  Also, beware of cracked windows and do not clean without the owner signing a waiver first.

Resources to Help You Learn More:

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Videos that show you how professionals do it (watch for techniques!) (12 Videos)

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