Sunday, May 12, 2013

Know When Someone Loves You - Happy Mother's Day

The biggest sign of LOVE

I witnessed the BEST Mother's Day Gift today, and it made me realize some things.  Let me explain. . .

Today, for Mother's Day my husband piled my kids and me in the car and took us to church.  The church I like to attend is very different from what most people think of church.  My church is very lively and loud, the music is very upbeat and you can dance to it -- which many of the church members of this particular church do.  When things get really lively, the people that attend my church will get up in the aisle and walk, dance, jog around the entire sanctuary in time to the music -- it's an amazing sight to see and surprisingly uplifting.

Today, one mother clearly happy that her son attended church with her this Sunday got up and dragged her grown son through the pathway during a particularly lively song sung by the choir.  She was so joyful, so exuberant, so damn happy that her boy was with her.  And he, well, you could tell he was being dragged through the church, that he would like to be any place but there, doing anything but that -- to me it was hilarious . . . and so incredibly loving and beautiful.

This young man was doing the very thing (albeit reluctantly) that would make his mother experience the most joy on Mother's Day.  Others may have saw his attitude as "poor sportsmanship,""bad attitude" etc,  but I laughed at his facial expressions, reluctance and long-suffering.  I also saw his presence as the most beautiful Mother's Day Gift that he could give his mother.

We as people really should start seeing what is right before our eyes.  We should recognize the LOVE that we have all around us and the power that that love affords us.  The joy that each and every person in our lives gives us in their own little way (even if it holds a little bit of reluctance in it).

And we should thank God for it.

THIS is what I learned from that long-suffering young man at church on Mother's Day morning.  I want to tell him "Thank You" for showing me through long-suffering devotion what real love is all about.

I don't know you and you don't know me, but you are a great son!

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  1. Great inspirational article and event. Thanks.


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