Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Earn Quick Money: Sign Spinners

We call them many things:

Human Billboards
Human Arrows
Sign Holders
Sign Walkers
Sign Flippers
Sign Wavers
Sign Spinners
Sign Dancers
Sign Twirlers

You know what advertising agencies call these people?  Human Directionals.

If you have ever been to a place that has lots of pedestrian and auto traffic, you will have witnessed some of these people.  Some of them are true artists!  They are outside and not stuck in an office.  They usually have earphones on and can listen to their favorite music on the job.  And they are damn good at helping businesses get more clientale. And in areas with good weather, they can do this type of work all year long.

Many companies say that this type of gurella marketing is very effecitve.  When asked, many companies will say that they are doing many forms of advertising but when clients/customers come in to their stores and they ask how they knew about the store, or sale, or event -- inadvertently the customer always mentions the outdoor sign holder most of the time.  Sign spinning is becoming an essential part of advertising for a company, which is good news for you.  Because it means that you can quickly get a job sign flipping and making quick money.

To get a sign flipping job you must contact companies like:

AArow Advertising -- (which will train you in over 300 sign spinning tricks).  Their Human Directionals are in 40 cities and 4 countires worldwide.

Also, Light House Advertising Group

You should also look under General Labor at these websites that list jobs:

Now, if you don't feel like enlisting with an advertising agency or filling out a job application to do a sign spinning job.  You can always promote yourself as a sign holder on Facebook, Craigslist or wherever you can attach a video of yourself showing off your sign spinning technique and contact information so businesses can call you.  Sign spinners usually get $7 - $13 an hour depending on the location of the job.

Just for fun, let's look at an artist in action . . .

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