Tuesday, August 6, 2019

What If Opportunity Never Knocks?

If you don't hear opportunity knocking than you are not very perceptive.  Opportunity is always knocking.  The opportunities are overwhelming if your eyes are open, your ears are open and your senses are working.  

Right now, I'm frustrated because all around me are opportunities to make more money, make passive income and I can't write and research fast enough to tell you all about them. 

Open your mind!  Use your senses.  Tell yourself money is all around you, the opportunity is not just knocking on your door but thumping on your forehead.  If you don't hear the knocking, it's because you are distracted or just don't want to hear the knocking.

As my son likes to point out to me whenever I have questions about anything, "Mom, you have a whole computer in your hands." (meaning my smartphone).  Today, if you are searching for opportunity all you have to do is using your fingers on the device in your hand.  These days, you have an infinite number of resources at your disposal.  Use them!

What I'm saying is ultimately, if opportunity doesn't come knocking . . . honey, you have knuckles start knocking on doors, windows, walls until you discover your next big break.

Get started my powerful and influential friend!

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