Friday, October 5, 2007

Scammer Fee #5 - Starting Fee

Starting Fee? What the heck is this? I've never had to pay an employer to start working!

Well, many scammers would gently explain to you (like you were some kind of slow-minded individual) that there are many people who want to work from home. That you are one of the fortunate few being considered. That they have been burned by those wanting to work from home in the past. So, what they want you to do is send them some money -- a starting fee. And with your first paycheck (an indicator that you are doing the work properly) they will refund that fee in full. It's just a way to protect themselves from those awful people who are scamming businesses by saying that they want to work from home. (funny!)

Whenever I've started a job, I was always concerned with how much 'I' (the employee) would be paid and when my first check would arrive. Working off a starting fee or waiting for a refund of my money is not my idea of successfully working from home.

Question: Have you ever paid an non-telecommuting, regular "brick and morter" employer a starting fee?

I don't think so.

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