Thursday, October 4, 2007

Scammer Fee #4 - Materials Fee

The materials fee is the excuse used typically for work-at-home crafts positions.

This one is easy to avoid. Ask them where you can purchase the materials. What third party or wholesaler do they recommend?

If they can't offer that information because they must supply the materials 'to guarantee quality of the product' then ask them:
'Why are you giving away your tax deduction?' Remember, all items purchased by a business are tax deductible, if they have you purchase it, they are gaining an income.

And believe me, these scammers have made their business income when you've send the check for the materials.

Other ways scammers try to get ya':

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Scams, Schemes, and Fraud: How Not to Become a Victim by Johnson, Shir (Google Affiliate Ad)

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