Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Scammer Fee #2 - The Administration Fee

Many scammers will send you an e-mail talking about how excited they are about your resume. How they can't wait to meet you or talk to you. But first, before you can proceed any further in the application process -- you must pay an Administration Fee. You see, there are so many people that want this job, and your would-be-employer needs to differentiate between the "serious applicants" and the "not so serious applicants."

Get real! Let me show you the silliness of this type of fee.

Have you ever encountered a regular, on-site employer that has ever asked for $10 or $20 dollars to process your application or your employee records? Have they asked for money to set you up with a desk, a phone and e-mail service for you?

If you haven't yet realized, it is unethical to ask an employee to pay for something that a business can receive a tax deduction for doing. Yes, companies receive a tax deduction for equipment, software, furniture, salaries and benefits of their employees. On the other hand, everything you (the employee) purchase from the company is considered income for that company and is taxed.

Now ask this question the next time someone asks for payment of administrative fees: 'Isn't this a tax deductible for your business? Why would you want me to pay for that?' And watch them squirm.

If they are in business to sell a product or a service, then their fees to their clients should cover all employee costs, period. If their business can not cover employee's costs then you don't want to work for them. Look, if they can't afford the costs to "look" for viable employees -- then there is great doubt that they have enough money to pay your salary. Case closed.

Don't be a sucker for the Administrative/Processing Fee line.

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