Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Scammer Fee #3 - Software Costs

All software and equipment costs so employees can get the job done are tax deductible for the business which hires the employee or independent contractor.

If you need special software to do the job, you (the job seeker) should never purchase it from the employer. Note that I did not say, 'Never buy software needed to fulfill a position.' You may purchase software, just get it from someone other than the employer. Find out if you can purchase it from a large chain
store or the actual software company instead. If the employer IS the software company then one of the perks of working for a "real" employer is -- you guessed it -- free software use at the job!

You see purchasing from the employer means they generate income from the sales of the software, not from whatever they claim to do. This especially applies to those in clerical positions. Look through the Sunday Classifieds in your local paper. Examine the clerical positions - what software are employers requiring? They usually require either WordPerfect or Microsoft Word, right? Do you see any other off-brand name software in these listings? Probably not. You see everyone is using well-known software these days, everyone has 'standardized' the skills needed. Why would this company be the only company in the nation to use a special word processing package?

Even as an independent contractor working with software companies. If the client wishes that I use their software -- they give it to me free of charge. It's just common courtesy and expected if you are going to work for them and help them make the big bucks, right?

Don't fall for the old -- you have to buy this software from us -- trick.

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