Monday, October 1, 2007

Scammer Fee #1 - A True Employer Will Not Ask You For Money

It seems that there are a lot of people looking for work-at-home opportunities and are still getting scammed out there. In light of this problem, I thought I would begin October with a little lesson in how not to become a victim of work at home scams.

This is a multi-part series that will hopefully give you enough information that you can effectively look for telecommuting jobs without the fear of being ripped off by the many (and I mean tens of thousands) of people that are looking for those individuals so desperate to work from home that they will try anything . . . even things that don't sound or look right.

First of all, I want to say to those looking for telecommuting work, know that a true employer will NOT ask for your money. In a "real" work opportunity, money goes from the employer to you (not in the other direction - ever). So, if you make a pact with yourself to never give money to a potential employer than you have won 80% the battle of never getting ripped off. There is still that chance that you do work (spend valuable time and energy) and an employer neglects to pay you for it. But that does not happen very often, because the real goal of scammers is to get your money and get ghost (disappear).

I hope you benefit greatly from Scammer 101 lesson plan. Let me know if you like it and please don't hesitate to share your scam stories . . . you never know how it could help out a fellow reader of this blog.

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I haven't seen that many fees since I last opened a bank account with Bank of America!

Scams, Schemes, and Fraud: How Not to Become a Victim by Johnson, Shir (Google Affiliate Ad)

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