Saturday, October 6, 2007

Scammer Fee #6 - Manual or Training Fee

Have you heard about the new manual fee? No? How about a training fee?

If you have encountered this fee, it means you must pay for the instruction on how to do your new job. Let me say this again, in case you didn't get it. The employer is asking you to pay for your own on-the-job training! What the . . .

Let's pretend . . .
It's the first day of your new job. The office assistant shows you to your desk. The boss greets you and asks you if you are ready to get to work. You answer yes and rub your hands eagerly.

'Okay,' he says, 'I'll tell you the first few duties that's required for your job, but first you must pay me $25.00 for my time and the hand-outs I've prepared to help you understand the tasks you need to complete.'


Don't laugh; this is not so ridiculous. This is exactly what happens when you accept the Manual and Training Fee requests of scam artist employers.

Nope. We're not falling for that one either.

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  1. That is such a damn scam. I would never pay to be trained for my job. The job itself is supposed to provide this for you free of charge.

  2. EXACTLY Donald. Thank you. However, I've encountered people that are so desperate to work from home that they totally over look this . . . and believe me the scammers word it very differently -- almost as if they are doing YOU a favor by allowing you to work for them. So of course, you would do whatever is necessary to show the "new boss" that you are serious about working from home. Right? It's awful! But you will be surprised how often these guys get away with it. So, education is the key. Your comment put the period on the sentence for anyone who is even contemplating on "taking the chance" -- for the advantage of working from home.

    Thank you for commenting on this post.


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