Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Luxury Living: Live In a Castle

Did you read fairy tales as a young child? Did you always dream of going into Cinderalla's castle at Disney World? Are you enthralled with "Game of Thrones" just because they get to live in castles? Do you watch the Wealth Channel? Do you remember Robin Leech's Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous?  Want to live like the "glamorous people" live, even for one day, a weekend or maybe a week and live in a castle or mansion?  You can do that, you know.

Don't believe me?  There are people who are just like you living the lifestyle of the "rich and famous" everyday.  You just have to expand your thinking a little.  That's what this website is for, to give you an idea of how to expand your thinking so you can live a different, adventurous and fulfilling life.

Today, you will learn how to live in a castle or mansion.  Yes, you may only get to live in a castle or mansion for a day but at least you can tell everyone that you lived in one, right?  So here's a few ways to make your dreams come true.

Rent a room in a castle:
If you have about $2,000US to spend, you can rent a really nice room for the weekend at several European castles and some really nice castles in the United States too! The cool thing about renting a room in a castle is the estate usually has EVERYTHING . . . servants, pool, gardens, golfing, etc.

Celtic Castles
Home Away (US and European Castles)
Castles in Tuscany
MacKenzie Castle in North Carolina

Follow your dreams in a group:
Okay, maybe you don't have $2,000US to spend on ONE weekend and you would like to find a more economic way to live in a castle . . . there is strength in numbers my friend.  Can't afford a castle on your own, then get your friends together.  Renting a castle is not that bad if you split the cost 7-20 ways.  You can end up paying only $80 - $200US per night using this method -- that's better than a hotel! And the cool part is you and your friends get the whole dang castle! Gather your friends together and decide to live in luxury by splitting the bill.  Many castles come with chef and food service and with staff.

Simply Chateau
Article on the best European Rentals
Holiday Castle Rentals

Babysit the castle or mansion:

You can actually live in a castle if you take care of it.  The job is to report damage, vandalism and social misbehavior.  Looking after someone else's property may allow you to live almost rent free. Lots of people do it.

Make them "give" you the privilege

Give them a reason to give you a freebie! Do you travel alot?  Do you have a following of a few hundred people that love to hear about your escapades?  Create a following for yourself and you may find that people are willing to "give" you a few nights in their luxurious establishments. Here's how to do this!

How to Live a Luxurious Life for Less (article) from Expert Enough.

And if that's not enough, here is a website listing "official" castles by official caretakers of the castle.  Just so you kind find the right castle in the area of your choosing Great Castles Website.

See?  Stick with me kid and I'll have you living in castles!  Like royalty and such.  That's even better than being a millionaire, and you better send me pictures . . . after all, I've always wanted powerful and influential friends.

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