Friday, November 1, 2013

How They Do It (HTDI): Invent a Helpful Product - A Perfect Pocket!

Many of my followers are entrepreneurs, creators, inventors and business people that come up with the most ingenious stuff. I am so happy that I have these people in my life, because they show me the hundreds upon thousands of opportunities and ideas that creates the possibility to live out your dream!

I've decided to feature some of these people that are leaving their dream. Running their own business and living off the proceeds so you can realize that you can do the same thing!

Right now, I'm loving my Twitter follower @brakenhoff_lois (Lois Brakenhoff).  She and her friend of over 10 years have created a really great product called "A Perfect Pocket".  It's a pocket that you can adhere to your skin, it holds keys, money, ID . . . all the essentials you need!  Great when you are doing active things and don't have a pocket to hold your stuff.  

I'm telling you, I'm ordering this item for holiday party season.  All the best and glamorous party dresses never have pockets and I love to dance (purses just don't work on the dance floor).  

These ladies did their research to make this product perfect.  

1.  First, they registered a patent for their idea because they didn't want anyone stealing it.  Remember, I always say your ideas are precious and you must protect them.  Don't believe me?  Read my article on protecting your ideas entitle:

2.  They researched hypoallergenic adhesives narrowing it down from 35 adhesives to 4 that work.  Tested it over and over again.  They key to success and making sure everything works.  Overkill, is not a word in your vocabulary when it comes to this.  Things working properly, in any circumstance and make and break your success.

3. Got a number of focus groups to play with the product and put it through it's paces.  Feedback is essential.  No one stumbles upon success in a vacuum or alone.  Remember that.

 4.  Then they searched out many manufacturers until they found someone who could make it exactly they way they envisioned it.

5.  They featured their products in "real world events" and developed press, video, articles, photos.

6.  They created a website that helps people understand their product and allow them to order from them.  Visit:

7.  They even created a value-add.  Companies, organizations, and events can print their logo or message on "A Perfect Pocket"!  Great idea.

I want you to know the steps that these inventors took, because you would have to do these steps as well if you invented something just as awesome and clever.  I bet you have something in mind that is just as awesome as this . . . right?  Well, what are you waiting for?  For someone else to come up with it and make a great living on your idea.  

Get going!  Your ideas should make you rich. You know I'm always in need of powerful and influential friends.

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