Saturday, November 30, 2013

Take the Chance and Live Your Dreams

Hey, I've got a secret.  If you want to live the life of your dreams . . . take a chance.  Seriously, when an opportunity comes to you, take the chance.  The worst that can happen to you is that you will be humiliated.  Okay.  You'll get over it.  Seriously, you will.

What you won't get over, is yourself on your death bed cursing yourself out because you never even tried to do the thing that makes your heart sing, that could have made you happy, that could have been your grandest adventure and your most wonderful dream.

Here is a motto, that you should live by.  A motto that you should tell your children, your neices and nephews or whatever little kid under 15 that you know. 

"Always take your shot!" 

Always, always take the opportunity.  The best side of taking opportunity . . . you will get to do something you have always wanted to do.  The thing that will make your life worth while.  Your grand adventure!  The worst side of taking your opportunity . . . you will fail, but you will learn something.

Saying yes to opportunity, even if you are afraid, is why every person is living, it is your purpose, it is the reason you are alive.  Never wait until you are not afraid anymore . . . in fact, do it because you are afraid.

Understand something, the most successful people are not the most talented, creative or intelligent people.  Read biography after biography and you will learn that tenacity, stubborn tenacity, is the key to success.  Having the focus, the discipline, the stubbornness to go after what you seek is the ingredient to success (more than talent or intelligence). 

Get up and "do it!" 

Do it now and keep on doing it, even after people tell you you are crazy to keep on going.  Don't give up.  Find your joy in doing the thing that you LOVE doing, despite what anyone else thinks, says or does.

Figure out what you need to do to live your dreams and take the first steps toward it.  Remember, if someone or "life" gives you an opportunity.  Take it!

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