Thursday, November 14, 2013

Luxury Living: Rent a Mansion

OK, castles are for the old world countries.  They are big, and clunky, cold and damp, and ghosts actually live in them.  You are a modern type of guy or gal and would much rather enjoy luxuries that are slightly more cosmopolitan and modern, right?

You would rather live in a mansion.  Am I right?  You want to experience the high-life.  You want to have a maid, a chef, concierge services, a fleet of luxury vehicles (on water and land), limo service with a chauffeur and perhaps a butler.

There are many places the provide mansion rentals that offer first class services at reasonable prices. If you want to experience living in a mansion, you can do it a number of ways:

(1) Vacation in a mansion by renting out a room in a mansion.  There are many places that will rent out rooms in mansions for comparable or BETTER prices than a hotel!  The cool part of this is, you can enjoy all the amenities of a luxury mansion for a price of an over-night stay.  For example, the Mexico Mansion in Acapulco have very great room rates, because the location is in Mexico your dollars are stretched further (less than a luxury hotel stay), and you have a butler serving your drinks and good 24/7.  No closed kitchens! Cool huh?

(2) Renting a mansion with friends or in a group.  If you can get a group of people together to share costs, you can have the mansion all to yourself.  Let's just say you have a group of family and/or friends and you'd like to enjoy a long vacation with them -- say one month or maybe a whole summer.  You can rent a mansion (with full concierge services) that sleeps 30 people for $15,000 a month. Let me break it down for you, that's $500 per person per month!  And you are living like kings.

Here are the resources that will let you do that:

Luxury Rentals

Trip Advisor Vacation Rentals

International Property Listings

Mansion Minders


(3) Home tending or what I like to call MANSION SITTING, where a renter occupies a luxury home while it's on the market, keeping the property in excellent condition to show to buyers and helping make sure of the security of the home. It allows you to live in a mansion for the cost of a small apartment. It's a pretty good deal. Check out these resources:

Mansion Sitters

Luxury House Sitting

Trusted House Sitters

Contemporary Home Sitters

My Home Tender

(4)  Instead of applying to become employed by a home tending service, you can learn all there is to know about home tending (by doing some research on the internet on the topic) and set yourself up, in a small business type of way, as a Mansion Sitter Consultant or or an "Executive Home Manager."  Provide management services that keep the mansion looking pristine . . . set up your website and market yourself to Real Estate Agents.  You also may want to look in Craigslist in your area for "home tender" "home care taker" and "home sitter".

Okay, people now that I've told you how to do it, I'm ready for you to take on this adventure and tell me all about it!  I've always wanted to have powerful and influential friends that live in mansions.

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