Sunday, November 10, 2013

Tele-jobs: QLess

QLess is a great little company that I predict is going to become huge because they believe that waiting in line sucks!  I agree.

What do they do about that?  Well they created this little system - a virtual line management system which  they call the world's first and only mobile queuing solution.  They are totally eliminating the need for waiting in line and waiting rooms.  

So what do they do?  They create virtual, mobile lines!  Customers enter "the line" from the cell phones, and touch screen kiosk or the Web, or they can be added to a line by an administrator (a staff person).  This allows the customers to roam freely and do other stuff while they wait their turn.  QLess sends them a text or calls shortly before their turn!  Cool huh?

Currently, its a very small company (under 100 employees) located in Los Angeles.  But the great thing about them is they are growing!  And an even better attribute of this company . . . they believe in working for home!  Most of their job openings descriptions begin with the words . . . Work From Home or Bring Your Own Computer.  

This company is going to blow up, get in from the ground floor on this one folks.  You won't be sorry!  Check out their open jobs here.


Are you finding yourself standing in line throughout the day?  Maybe you can convince the owner of the establishment to use QLess!  If you can convince the owner to use this system, you can get paid.

They have an affiliate program!  Visit the affiliate webpage at:
The affiliate fee is equal to 10% of gross revenue they collect from a qualified introduction to a new client. 

I love this!

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