Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tele-Jobs: VeraFast is an Ohio company that assists newspapers with their customer service needs. A description f the customer service rep, job is:

We work primarily with the newspaper industry. Our customer service representatives work from their homes making customer service calls for our newspaper clients. In most instances, we are checking on the customer’s service and reporting back to the newspaper so they can take appropriate action.

You can not send a resume to apply for these home-jobs, you must fill out the online application. They have specific needs and you must have the required equipment set-up, so please carefully read their employment page. Their application page is NOT on secured servers (no https:// designation) -- so understand that you are submitting your private information to a "public page."

I'm not trying to get in your way of finding a telecommuting job, I just thought you should be aware of this before you apply.

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Please remember, dear job hunter, if your qualifications and experience do not fit the position, do us all a favor and refrain from applying. Employers do not want to be bombarded with resumes of people who can not do the job.

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