Monday, September 24, 2007

Cleaning up can make you a millionaire (share what you know)

Want to know how to make millions? It's easy: Share what you know.

Yes, it's that easy. Package what you know and share it, then as the word gets out that you "know your stuff" package the information and sell it!

That's what Fly Lady did. I ought to know because I was there when she first started. Basically, she was a woman that started a website talking about how cleaning used to frazzle her -- the responsibility of keeping things clean; the clutter drowning her and her family; the sheer frustration that it seemed that she couldn't do anything "right now" because there was too much stuff in the way.

So, she started with her kitchen sink. She cleaned out her kitchen sink and made it sparkle. And the way she did it -- it just nearly choked me when I read it. Basically, she took all the dirty dishes, put them UNDER the sink. Closed the cabinet doors and cleaned her sink, put some glass cleaner on it, made it shine and sparkle . . . and instantly felt better.

She promised herself that no matter what happened in her entire house, she would keep the kitchen sink clean. And her "clean-ness" radiated from that spot. She went on to clean the surrounding area and keeping that clean . . . and ultimately devised easy ways and systems to keep everything in your house clean with very little effort.

And then, she told everyone about it.

Her friends started doing it with great success. Then they told friends and she had to find a way to package the information so she didn't have to repeat her story over and over again. And guess what? Now, she's a millionaire. Don't believe me? Read her story: The Fly Lady Making Millions.

I personally know her methods work because I've been using them for years. I discovered her in 2002, when I was overwhelmed with my new business and writing a book. I needed to keep my house clean and someone on a discussion board recommended visiting her website. Thank you Fly Lady!

Anyway, the point is every one of us has expertise, know-how, something we know to do that others could benefit from. It's probably stuff you don't think twice about because you know it so well. But let me challenge you a bit -- next time someone says to you, "How the hell you know how to do that?" or "Wow, that's amazing you know all about this stuff." or "Can you teach me to do that?"

Perhaps that's your million dollar money sign. Maybe you should think about using that knowledge in some way: write a book, create a class, consult, etc. to create the financial abundance you've always wanted. Just like Fly Lady.

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