Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Have you ever lost time?

Okay, I'm working -- plugging along, getting some things crossed off of my TO DO list and I'm feeling accomplished today.

Then I take a break and grab some food. While happily chowing I click on my Stumble Upon button.

Don't know what that is? Well it's an evil little thing. It sits on your tool bar and when you click on it, it just randomly takes you to some of the coolest sites that you would never find yourself in a million years. So getting back to my story -- I click the stupid button.

And I came upon a website that is (for me) like Kryptonite to Superman. I just couldn't fight it. I was caught, trapped . . . and I lost 2 hours playing with the dog-gone thing!

It's called Idea Generator and it's simple really. You press the button and crazy ideas randomly pop up and it's so darn silly . . . and amazingly simple . . . and totally enthralling to me (yeah, I'm a simple minded smoe). Anyway, I took my break at 11:45 and now it's 1:45 . . . I lost 2 hours playing with this thing.

So now, I have to make up for it. So if the next few post if you read about some crazy concepts like: "eco-friendly rural sex toys" or "wicker growing machines" or even, "inexpensive edible appliances," then you know that I continued playing with this crazy web toy and I had to write on one of its generated ideas to justify my lose of productivity.

Pray for me. [Sigh]

A big thanks [feel the sarcasm] to Insanely Great News for introducing me to the un-productivity gun that would be Idea Generator.

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