Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Greatest Tool for the "How-To" Writer

I love writing "how-to" articles. When one of my friends taught me how to use "screen-shoots" on the Mac . . . I was truly in love. Now, I have a new love (well it's a potential love - for reasons I will explain later).


I'm tempted to just leave it at the above linked word and tell you to "just click it man, just click it." The website demonstrates this tool wonderfully. Basically, using QlipBoard (which is free by the way) you can quickly and easily make mini how-to movies and share them in your blog, myspace, craigslist and everywhere using this wonderful new web-tool!

Seriously, mini presentations with audio, text, pointer, highlighting . . . all in mere minutes.

My goodness, the possibilities boggle the mind. I can't wait to create on-line instruction manuals on how to get a telecommuting job. Or how I successfully sold designer jeans on E-bay or . . . (okay, I digress).

Here is the thing, my blog-site is about money management and and working from home. I usually don't put information about PRODUCTS or WEB TOOLS on my website, but dog-gone it this is just to "kwel" to exclude. QlipBoard is da bomb, man! You've GOT to check it out.

The downside (that's why I said it had potential above)-- you know there always has to be a downside -- QlipBoard doesn't have a tool for the Mac OS system yet. But, I checked out their jobs page and they have a listing for a Mac Developer there, so I’m sure the Mac version will come out very, very soon. Meanwhile, if you only have a Mac, grab a friend’s PC or get a Windows Emulator and try this puppy out!

Man, Chris Beal and his crew at QlipBoard thought of an excellent web-tool (and writer) solution. Kudos!

Click here to see a great demo!

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  1. Thanks for the kind words. It has been a lot of hard work, and fun, trying to make something that is simple enough for everyone to use, and powerful enough that it's worth using. It seems there is always one more thing that needs explaining!

    We still have a couple of QlipBoard Community Evangelist positions open for the right person. They can just send a Qlippit to

    Thanks again!



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