Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Site Review: Freelance Writing Jobs

I simply love Freelance Writing Jobs Blog because it combines what I like most. Working from home and freelance writing (my two favorite subjects besides wealth and money). This site has given me much insight in successful freelance writing and I've even gained a contract job or two from her listings. This website is packed full of information for the writer and the blogger -- yes, two variances of the same species; sort of like jaguar and leopard (if you don't understand look it up on wikipedia).

Deborah Ng (the author of the blog) describes the website best:

Freelance Writing Jobs began in May 2005 as a way to help other writers, especially Work at Home Moms, find decent paying jobs.

I got sick and tired of seeing writers settle for $2 or “exposure” gigs because they felt they had no other choice. Thanks to FWJ, hundreds of writers have found gigs. While I never expected FWJ to achieve this type of success, I’m so proud of what it’s become.

If you are a writer (or an aspiring writer) bookmark this puppy!

Freelance Writing Jobs

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