Friday, August 17, 2007

Tele-Jobs: Sun Microsystems

Sun Microsystems Job Page is a tough nut to crack. They don't use the usual terms like "Telecommuting" and "working from your home," no way - they are too damn special for that.

Instead they use the term "ANY CITY" in their location box. Don't be fooled though, because they also have an "ANY SUN LOCATION" signifier. Don't fall for that, that means that you are allowed to go to any SUN Microsystems office, but you still have to commute to that office. The "any city" signifier means that anywhere you are, is where you work . . . so only go for that key word when searching for a job.

Still, even with the jobs that have the keyword "ANY CITY," they don't specify in the job description that it is a telecommuting job. So be very cautious and ask lots of questions when applying for these jobs.

You may come across some descriptions that give you a slight clue -- it might say, "working remotely" or "geographically distributed team" . . . but that is rare. Actually, this company is open to telecommuting for their veteran employees that have shown prior responsibility. So understand that you may have to commute for a while until they feel they can trust you.

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