Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tele-Jobs: Arise

The provide virtual call-systems.

However you define this growing trend, Arise has set the standard providing thousands of home based businesses with the freedom to answer calls, e-mail and chat requests for prestigious U.S. and global companies. This company provides Customer Service, Sales and Technical Support.

This a legitimate company. The downside of using this company for employment, you have to become incorporated to participate in this opportunity. Why? Because they hire you as an independent contractor and they want to make sure the IRS does not come to them and accuse them of having you as an employee. So, to cover their bee-hinds, they make you spend money to incorporate your new home-based business. Not a bad thing actually, but it can get very involved.

Go to their website and make sure you read all about it before applying.

Arise Virtual Solutions Inc.

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