Monday, April 2, 2007

Do Everything with Focus

Yesterday, I decided that I would not "get in my own way" and work the way I like to work -- which is juggling lots of balls at once. Yet, I still wanted to heed the advice of many wealthy people which say: "focus on one thing and do that well before moving to other things."

Well, I came up with a wonderful solution to my dilemma: Incorporate all my interest in ONE theme. After deep contemplation over chocolate ice cream, I realized that all my interests can help readers of this blog earn money, keep money, save money and become wealthy without leaving their home offices.

My interests?

Telecommuting – Working from Home or better phrased as "a “job that you execute from home." Currently, I hold a partial-telecommuting job with a financial training company and have done this for 3 years now. I also wrote a book about this a few years ago.

Creating a business (that employ’s you) -- in other words the "self-employed" status. I have experience with this as well. A decade ago, I created a virtual assistant business that allows me to do some side gigs and make extra money. At one time, this route was my primary income until a client of mine offered me a telecommuting opportunity.

Freelance Writing -- writing and actually making money from what you've written. Great work if you can get it, but it's not everybody's cup of tea. I've played around with freelance writing off and on for 15 years now and some people (lucky!) can make a good living doing this.

Creating Cash -- ways to create residual income (extra money) that you don’t have to necessarily work for, or can make in your spare time – spare time, what’s that?

Personal Finance – You’ve got a little bit of “scratch" (slang for money). Now, what do you do with it to: (1) keep it, (2) grow it, and (3) use it to gain financial freedom?

Do you realize the ongoing theme of all these interests? Do you?

Well, in case you don’t, it’s FREEDOM. Freedom to live a successful life. Freedom to be available to your family and your children, yet make a living allowing you to feed them. Freedom to enjoy your work and feel fulfilled in your efforts. Freedom to express yourself and pay the bills. Freedom to make extra income with little effort (or no effort). Freedom to make extra income without interfering in your primary income efforts.

And finally, FINANCIAL FREEDOM -- your money working and growing for you, instead of you working for the money.

Wow, an epiphany. I'm not really trying to gain wealth . . . but freedom.

Making money and knowing what to do with it is just the road map to gaining freedom!

Let’s break out of this prison together.

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