Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Two million dollars? Don't make me laugh!

Do I really think I can make $2 million in 3 years?

[Putting on my pessimistic reality hat . . .]

Of course not!

But darn it, I’m tired of people telling me that it can be done if I just dream big enough, or have a positive attitude, or work smart or save right . . . so, I’m putting all these guys to the test.

For the record, I don’t think their advice is wrong; I just do not think its as simple as it sounds.

In all my research -- I spend hours on the web -- I’ve noticed that there are very few individuals brave enough to give a blow-by-blow of their journey to show the “average joe” just how much work, smarts, effort, positive attitude and skill it takes to make that millionaire status.

I’ve always been very curious about just what rich, millionaire-like people went through to get to their status and what they had to do step-by-step-by-step. So following my steps (right or wrong) will give someone some clues about gaining this elusive status called rolling-in-dough.

I thought chronicling my efforts here and allowing readers to follow along would be much more helpful than just guiding you through the steps like previous blogs, books and seminars.

If I’m right, and prove that this is impossible, I have saved a lot of people a lot of effort.

If I’m wrong and I gain millionaire status well then, DAMN those fools were right!

I really hope that I’m wrong and I become a millionaire before your very eyes. I’m going to put 120% into the effort, so hopefully the 20% extra effort will offset my negative attitude.

[Taking off my pessimistic reality hat . . . and donning my positive, I-can-do-it hat.]

I want the FREEDOM to achieve things that I have a hard time believing in.

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