Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Impossible Dream - $2 mil net worth . . . in three years.

Two million ($2,000,000.00) in net worth in 3 years.

(Put your eyeballs back in their sockets.)

My logic: Two million dollars is nothing in this new economy (especially in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I am from). In an interest bearing account 5 percent of that amount will only gain the account holder $100,000 yearly.

I can live off that!

To gain $2,000,000 in 3 years, I would simply have to make or grow . . . $83,333 a month.

Did I hear, “$83,000 a month . . . why, that’s impossible! Damn it, $83,000 a month . . . why, that’s pure insanity! That’s . . . that’s $3,000,0000 in 3 years you dope!!”

Yes, that’s true. But I must make $3,000,000 'cause Uncle Sam is going to take at least one-third of that right? So I better estimate that in now so I’m not disappointed later.

Come oooon, making $83,333 a month isn’t so hard to do!

It’s just $2,777 a day and that’s just $115 an hour in a 24 hour day. Okay, I know no one can work 24 hours, so let’s just say $231 in a 12 hour day or $348 in an 8-hour day. I’m worth $348 an hour, right?

Weeeell, not right now, but maybe soon.

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