Friday, March 30, 2007

The key to success - focus on one thing. Right!

I am a person of many interests. The advice that the wealth gurus often give their followers -- focus on one thing and do that well -- for me, is completely wrong.

I can never focus on one thing successfully. When I focus on one thing, I do fine for a time, but then I lose momentum and interest. Eventually, I become unproductive because I can’t bear doing that same damn thing over and over again. I want to do something else, but I'm now obligated to doing this old thing. Resentment ensues. Ultimately, I shut down because I’m bored and find myself passively-aggressively rebelling. I end up sabotaging my efforts because I just want to do something else for awhile.

The funny thing is, once I do something else for awhile, I find that I have new ideas and energy for the old thing and want to go back to it again. See, for me, focusing on one thing kills my creative energy.

However, if I have two or three or four things going at the same time, I’m chuggling along. If I’m tired of this thing, I just jump to the next thing, until I get tired of that one, then I have another thing to focus on when I've exhausted all my energy for the next thing. By the time I’m tired of another thing, I’m re-interested in this thing all over again. Believe it or not, this method really works for me and I find the days that I have a lot to do, I get lots more done.

In light of this, I have decided to stop fighting myself and work the way God made me. However, I will not completely abandon good advice. Hopefully, I can combine the way I work with the theory that focus is the key to success.

By incorporating all my interests into one thing -- this blog -- I'm effectively following the advices of the wise wealthy ones. Am I fooling myself?

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