Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Impossible Dream - $2,000,000.00 sitting in my bank account gathering interest

In my quiet contemplations . . . wait a minute I have to yell at my kids real quick.

[Over the shoulder:] "I don't appreciate the hysterical laughter in front of company, thank you!"

Okay, my family often laughs when I begin articles this way because my contemplations are notoriously noisy. Forgive the noise.

[Clearing throat]

In my quiet contemplations, I realized that in the past I set my goals too low. I had a website in the past and it was pretty successful in meeting my goals of $1,000 a month in revenue. I admit now that this was a very low goal. And while I felt very productive meeting those goals, when I met them I thought . . . now what?

This time, my goal setting is going to be different. I’ve decided that I’m going to reach higher, so my new goals are:

  • Two million (yes, $2,000,000) in net worth -- house excluded;
  • A house, fully paid for;
  • Fully-funded college-fund and retirement-fund;
  • No debt

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