Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tube Ninja Wealth Principle: The Money Myth...

I simply love this guy and this video is EXACTLY the kind of stuff we need to realize as people who will soon hold much wealth! [grin]

He's fun and entertaining and if you listen -- you might just learn something valuable.

And just so you know: I take my money "attitude" from my grandmother who raised me and survived the depression. So, for me . . . money is always scarce. I've got to change that huh?

Friday, December 12, 2008

Telecommuting Jobs for Week of 12/12/08

As promised! More Telecommuting jobs I've found during my job search. Good luck my friends.

B2C SEO/SEM Marketing Guru wanted

Omniture Web Analytics Consultant

Shop Drawing Draftsman for Commercial Construction

iPhone developer (telecommute opportunity)

Sales Consultants for International Design Company
Business Process Modeler - ProVision

Physical Rehabilitation Staffing Manager/Coordinator

Lead Oracle Configurator (VIRTUAL - ANYWHERE)

Law Firm Marketing/Administrator for Estate Planner

Biofuel Startup - Process Engineer (Remote & UCSF

Green Technology - Sales Job Available IMMEDIATELY

Flash Developer



Community Organizer – part time

Los Angeles REO Listing Agent/Broker

Online Content Manager

Media Relations Specialist, Health Care – Freelance Project

National Field Sales Manager

Grant Writing and Editing for Education - Free World U

Web coder/designer part time freelance

Health Benefits Representative

Apple Articles - Apple, Developer, Mac, iPhone, JavaScript, Ajax, SDK

Architectural Designer / Drafter

Account/Customer Service Manager Healthcare


Technical Writers with Manufacturing / Aerospace Experience (Virtual)

Google Apps Consultant - work from home

Business Development Professional (Multiple positions & locations)
Public sector experience, outstanding communication skills, proficient with MS Office , Self-motivated, Enthusiastic


You may want to "fan" me on Plurk or follow me on Twitter, I usually put up some of these job openings every day. Just look t the right of this blog post, the social networking sites I visit often are there.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

We’re in a recession -- Is your freelance/contract work screwed?

Go back and read parts 1, 2 and 3 of this series!

If I have learned nothing more from owning a business it is . . . “Don’t sit around and wait for good fortune – make your own good fortune.”

I also own a virtual assistant/freelance writing business. Yeah, as my kids say: “Mommy, you do to much.” Kids, what do they know?

Anyway, as you can guess, business is now slow. My clients either don’t need me, are cutting back or need me but don’t have the means in which to pay for my services. Bummer.

Now what?

I can either close up shop . . . or, I can ask my previous customers and some of the guys on the social media networks I frequent (hunting for gigs) what they need now in the form of assistance. From the ones that answer that question, I can then ask what would their budget allow in paying for said assistance. Whatever my clients and colleagues say they need, I plan to move my service business in that direction and market to those needs.

All it takes is a little change in mental direction. I'll allow the change to flow . . . like water. Be the water my friends:

Monday, December 8, 2008

We’re in a Recession: Is your business screwed?

Last week I featured Part 1 and 2 of this series.

Just a few months ago, I developed a business on eBay that was pretty lucrative for the first six months . . . until about October. You know October 2008, when the president appeared on all the TV screens and said we were royally screwed unless Congress OK’d a big government bailout for the failing banks. And then credit dried up. Then no one came to eBay to buy any of my stuff and all my products just sat there all sad and lonely. Yeah, THAT October 2008.

Anyway, before I shut down my eBay account, it occurred to me that I had more power than I credited myself with. You see, I had customers (about 500 customers) that I could tap into. And guess what, even more amazing – I had their mailing and e-mail addresses.

And then this even bigger idea came to mind. Instead of letting eBay get my customers for me, perhaps – just perhaps – I should work at getting some of my previous customers to come look at my auctions. You know, ACTIVELY court and market to the people that were satisfied with my service and products. Wow! So, I created a database of 500 people, contacted them through e-mail and my sells picked up. Imagine that!

How did I do that? Well good friend I just changed my thinking. No wait, I changed my whole mental direction . . . like I was Bruce Lee talking about . . . water:

Look for part 4, later this week!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

New Social Site, Meet Interesting People!

Visit Sta.rtUp.Biz - The Small Business Social Network

Don't be shy, meet interesting new people with new ideas. Surround yourself with success! All the millionaire books say that it is the best way to gain riches. Want to be rich, get some rich or successful friends.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

We’re in a recession and you’re job hunting – you’re screwed right? (Part 2)

If you haven't done it yet, please read part 1 of this article.

I, like about 1.25 million people in America, am looking for a job.

But in a recession, it’s important that you hunt and apply for a particular sort of job. Instead of getting a job in, say the dead industries: construction, real estate or banking. Maybe you should look around the job vacancies of public utilities, good companies like grocery store chains, Green Technology companies . . . you know the companies that produce products that everyone still spends money on – water, gas, electricity, food, and alternative fuels.

Wow, look at that a whole set of recession-proof jobs I can apply for. And if you don’t have the skill-set to apply to the jobs in these recession proof industries – then get them. Online classes, adult classes, university extension courses, the “library.” You’re out of work anyway, do something constructive, get the training, get educated and start fresh.

Remember . . . be like the water:

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

OK, you are going to hate me . . .

Please, if you are a subscriber to my blog. Don't unsubscribe me in the next 48 hours -- because . . . well, you are going to hate me.

See, I'm going to play catch up.

Though I haven't posted in a while . . . I didn't stop writing. In fact, I have over 6 months worth of stuff that I wrote and didn't post.

Yeah, sue me. I was making money.

Anyway, it's time to post all those things up and you'll probably get lots of updated e-mail notices saying Telecommuting Millionaire? has a new post up - like every few minutes. And you'll probably get really mad at me.


Just ignore me for the next couple of days, ok?

Thanks, you're a peach!

(This message will be removed when I finish updating).

THIS is our problem . . . thanks Pete!

This was our problem everyone. This is why we are in the mess we are in. Holla' if you disagree. I like Pete's music on this video by the way.

For more great information, check out Pete the Planner's Website. He's great!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Telecommuting Jobs for Week of 12/02/08

As you guys may know, I'm looking for employment. Yeah, it's a really bad time to do that -- but hey, what can you do. I need a job.

Anyway, I thought since I've been looking for a job and I come across positions that I won't apply for, I thought I'd share them with you. In hopes that somehow I make a difference in this crazy economic situation we are all in.

I'll try to do this weekly until I find a job for myself. Let me know if there is a particular "type" of job that I should keep my eyes open for. Good luck in your search . . .

Ad Sales Executive (Boston - South) Seeks Health Professionals as Writers Seeks Sports Journalists

Account Exec. for Cigar Mag - Fun, Flexible, and Lucrative (ATL)

Casual Game Programmer - Contract Position

Curriculum Writers for High School Business Courses (SF Bay Area)

Director of Engineering
Freelance Flash Designer (Portland)

Information Security Engineer (San Francisco)

Internet Marketing Apprentice CHALLENGE (San Francisco)

Lifestyle Writer for 50+ Audience (Boston)

Medical Writers and Editors

Native Spanish Speakers Needed

Regional Account Executie (Midwest/South Central)

Regional Sales Manager - bilingual English/Spanish (LA based)

LinkReliable Website/Graphics Designer Needed ASAP (Atlanta)

Retail Web designer needed (Atlanta, GA )

Seminar Scheduler - PART TIME (San Francisco)

Senior ITIL/ITSM Consultant (West Coast)

T-shirt designers needed!

Website and Flash Designer Needed for a Short Project

Monday, December 1, 2008

It’s official we’re in a recession – OK, so we’re screwed, right?


Just because we are experiencing a bad economy – scratch that – a recession does not mean you can not make money. It just means that money isn’t flowing as freely as it did before. In the recent past, money (or may I say credit) was effortless. People was throwing it at you and you were throwing it right back out, getting the things you wanted . . . brand-named clothes, new gadgets, shiney cars, pretty fingernail tips . . . well, that’s over.

Okay, that’s the bad news.

The good news is, money (actual money) can still be made. The wonderful thing about a recession is, when you make money this time, you have incentive to SAVE (actually KEEP some of the money you earn).

Wait. So, how do you gain money if people are clutching their money tighter than a pair of skinny jeans on a 15-year-old at a Kanye West concert?

The fact of the matter is, people still need to spend money. Maybe not on frivolous stuff like 72 inch flat-screen TVs or $300 hand-held devices that purr when you pet it – yeah, they may not be spending on those things. But there still are basics like clothes, food, shelter, transportation, heat/light/water. You know, the things that keep you and me alive. Somehow, you need to become an integral part of “the things that keep us alive” – the basics that we will purchase, even in bad economic times.

How do we do this? Well first of all you have to change your thinking or better yet, change your whole mental direction.

As the Great Bruce Lee says . . . be like Wah-tah! (water)

Part 2, 3 and 4 coming this week

Saturday, November 29, 2008

If SHE can save, I can save . . .

Trying to find the motivation to continue saving money, when life is always getting in the way? You know how it works. You save up $500 and you pat yourself on the back because you finally did it . . . you have money in a account . . . "savings." Then, two tires go flat. Or you backed into a pole. Or you kids needs braces. And just like [snap] the money that took three whole months to save is gone. What's the use?

Then I come across articles like this.

Laxmi Das says she has been saving the coins since she started
begging more than 40 years ago as a disabled child because of an early
attack of polio.

"I saved for the days when I cannot beg," she told the BBC.

Article: Indian beggar saved for 40 years.

Now seriously, doesn't this woman put all of us to shame when we say we just can't manage to save any money?

Friday, November 28, 2008

5 Millionaire Secrets - Homeless to Millions

Okay, I like this woman. I'm going to be reading up and listening to a lot of her stuff. Interesting to see what she's got going on.

If you know of any other people like her, give a shout and let us know!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Instead of talking to your kids about credit cards - BECOME VISA!

I'm going to admit it the sad truth. I'll be talking to my kids about major important stuff, stuff they must learn, stuff that will make them or break them in their adult life -- like credit cards. But, in the middle of my speech . . . in my own head . . . I hear my voice slowly turning into the Charlie Brown adult voice: "Wah, wah-wah, wah, wah-wah, wah . . ."

Man, if that's what my own voice sounds like to me, I can't imagine what type of information my kids are getting from my "sage words of wisdom." And let's face it, 6th Grade and credit cards just don't mix well - seriously. Not when the latest Marvel Comic is in LIVE ACTION at the movies this weekend.

So what's the best way to teach your kids about credit cards and the dark hole they can dig themselves into when they cross over to the "dark side." (You know you've crossed over to the dark side when you apply for that credit card and get that plastic, right?)

Well, the best way to teach your kids about credit, is to give your kid a credit card. Yes, seriously. I gave each of my kids credit cards. But the catch was (cause there is always a catch) -- I became VISA. I've always wanted to be a banking giant.

Here's the break down of this learning exercise:

STEP 1. They work HARD for the money . . .

First, you must give your children a way to earn money. I set up a system where I list things I need done around the house and how much it pays . . . the list looks like:

1. Break down all the boxes in the garage and set up for Recycling . . . $6
2. Clean all the bathrooms . . . $15
3. Clean out the pantry and organize food stuff . . . $7
4. Clean out the refrigerator and make list of needed groceries . . . $15
5. Weed the entire backyard . . . $20
6. Go through all closets and clean out/put giveaways in boxes . . . $25

The list is prominently display on the refrigerator for all to see. The list changes bi-monthly. The rule is that you can't just take up a job. You must first be "hired" for the job. Which involves a quick written agreement outlining:

(1) exactly what I want done, (2) the agreed amount of compensation (salary) if successfully completed, (3) signature from both parties. (4) when the task is finished there is a final signed evaluation from supervisor (me or their father).

Good evaluations produces the entire compensation as agreed via signed contract. Poor performing and bad evaluations get a percentage of compensation (usually 50%).

Payment is made at the end of the week via an envelope of cash (this envelope has written information on it -- we'll talk about this on another post).

STEP 2. Don't leave home without it . . .

Meanwhile, before each child receives their paycheck/envelope, they would like cash for the movies, the mall, etc. Great, that's where their credit cards come in.

I sit each kid down and go over the CREDIT CARD agreement with them. Let them know that they can borrow from me (VISA), as long as they pay me back using their earnings. I carefully explain to them about minimum payments, interest rates, and maximum limits, etc. And I watch their eyes glaze over -- much like today's adult credit card holder.

Their eyes quickly un-glaze and sparkle when I slap the card in their hand. Each kid gets a credit card with their name on it. I tell them, again that they can borrow from me at any time. I give them a written document outlining everything I told them about minimum payments, limits, fees, charges etc.

When they need to borrow money from their earnings, they give me their credit card and I jot down next to their credit card number the amount and the date of the charge. And tally their charges and interest into a billing statement.

Step 3: The joy of pay-day and the agony of bills . . .

So at the end of the week, I give each kid two things. Their pay envelope with cold hard cash and their credit card bill due immediately. You should hear the gasps and moans. You should hear the urgent demands to now explain all those things that made their eyes glaze over just a few days ago.

Miraculously, they want to know all about MINIMUM payments, ACCOUNT balances, interest RATES, finance CHARGES (because they always overspend their limit, you know) and ultimately . . . (two or three weeks later) why their balance goes up even if they haven't charged anything and made payments each week!

It's amazing how math skills get so much sharper when it deals with labor and money. And quickly, your kids begin to realize how much labor it takes to get out of debt. A lesson most people learn in their 20s or 30s.

So, yeah you can sit down and talk to your kids about credit cards -- and watch the slow eye glazing affect your words have. Or you can take a little bit more effort to show them what credit is all about.

This article was first featured in Real Life Debt Blog under my "writer's name," Rosalind Mays. So don't get your panties in a bunch. I didn't copy someone else's work.

News Flash! Hey guys I recently found out that my article was featured in MSN Money's Smart Spending Blog! Can you believe? They like me!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Why do I love Craigslist? Let me count the ways . . .

1. Craigslist has allowed me to work from home and still take care of my small children. My last 6 clients/jobs I’ve found was through Craigslist Job Listings. Thanks Craigslist for allowing me to make a living and feed my kids!

2. Craigslist helps me sell my book and prove my arguments . . . I’ve written a book called “The Real Deal on Telecommuting” and my website allows me to help the would-be-telecommuters find legitimate jobs and avoid scams. The first website I direct those job hunters to? . . . Craigslist Job Listing (telecommuting button marked). Thanks Craigslist for showing my readers that there are legitimate places to find work-at-home jobs and giving me the credibility I need to sell books!

3. By becoming addicted to the Housing Discussion Forum, I realized it was time to sale my house in 2005 and rent for a while – now I have a six-figure savings account, no mortgage and thanks to the jobs I found on Craigslist (see #1), no debt. Thanks Craigslist for helping me profit for the housing bubble and the impending economic crisis!

4. Craigslist helped me find the house I live in right now. I found this 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom house in a great neighborhood, through Craigslist . . . Thanks Craigslist for the best landlord ever!

5. I furnished said house that I now live in through Craigslist’s furniture for sale listings. Thanks Craigslist for the best 6-piece all-wood dining room set.

6. Craigslist has helped me find the car I drive. Got the greatest deal on a 2003 Mini-Van I found through Craigslist. Thanks Craigslist for my safe and luxurious ride!

7. My side business is on E-bay. This side-business has flourished because of the items I purchase through estate sales, yard sales and public storage sales announced by Craigslist. Thanks Craigslist for allowing me to make even more money!

8. Craigslist’s local news and event section helps me keep my two blogs running smoothly. If I want to know what’s going on in my area I simply visit here. It also gives me ideas for articles. Thanks Craigslist for being my blogging muse!

9. Craigslist has helped me keep my jobs/clients by providing client satisfaction. My main business is in promotion. I’m often given the task of promoting events and businesses. I have had great success with my clients because I promote their events through Craigslist. Thanks Craigslist for satisfying my customers!

10. I have met two very-well connected and influential individuals (who I would have never meet otherwise) through my involvement in discussion groups with Craigslist. Thanks Craigslist for connecting me with the right people.

11. And lastly, when I am depressed and need a good boost, Craigslist makes me laugh at life with the BEST OF CRAIGSLIST (my favorite area) . . . which always helps me to laugh at myself and life in general. Thanks Craigslist for the smiles -- and many times, the all out belly-aching laughs).

Now you tell me, what would I do without Craigslist?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Membership has it's advantages

Had no idea that all the work I've been doing around the Interwebs had a name and a title: Social Networking. Well here I am, claiming it all I'm a Social Network Addict. I love getting to know people, networking and creating content. So there, I admit it.

View my page on Marketing 2.0

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wealth - What is it really?

Just to let you know, I am a researcher. I am in complete heaven when I take a topic (such as wealth) and research the hell out of it. Weeks can go by and I am content learning, more and more and more about a particular subject. This happened recently when I decided to learn about the topic of wealth, and in my searching, I've gained some wonderful insights that I would like to share with you.

My mind-set in the beginning: Wealth = a whole lot of money.

Which turned into: "Having a plentiful supply of material goods and money" (

Which became: "The value of one's total possessions and property rights." (

Then: "The abundance of objects of value." (

Later: "Money is not wealth; the stuff money buys is wealth" (

And after that: "the quality of profuse abundance" (

Much later: "Wealth is the things that create an abundance of happiness"

And finally: Wealth is the abundance of all things that can make us happier. (Note the term happier). It is the abundance in ALL realms of life -- financial, emotional, physical, spiritual, etc. (telecommuting millionaire)

Wisdom was found in my journey -- and isn't that the point of all good journeys? And along the path to wisdom I found some really cool friends, people that see very clearly in this world that is muddled with "stuff", "obstacles," and "intentional blinders." And in their clear vision and sharing heart, they say things like:
Wealth is not money. Wealth is what money buys. (In a dark alley at night, would you rather have a ten-dollar flashlight, or a ten-dollar bill?) Money isn't wealth; it's a claim on wealth. Money is just the solvent that makes it easier to create, obtain, and exchange wealth. (Money I've earned is just a bunch of certificates that say I've created a certain amount of wealth, turned it over to others, but haven't yet acquired an equivalent amount of wealth produced by others. Money is a time-shifting mechanism. Money I've earned says, "This guy produced wealth of this value, but he hasn't exchanged it for an equivalent amount of wealth yet." )

" . . . the word wealth comes from the Old English words "weal" (well-being) and "th" (condition) which taken together means "the condition of well-being?" Did you also know that the word "economic" comes from the Greek oikonomia meaning "the management of the household." When have you heard a report from economists or business analysts talk about conditions of household living and management? Instead we have become immune to strong language like the word "mortgage" which literally means in French "a pledge unto death" or what I call "a grip of death!" How we have twisted the meaning of words."
The Meaning of Wealth by Mark Anielski(warning: links to PDF file of the full article -- but it is an article worth reading!)

"Personally, I dont think being wealthy has too much to do about money. One can be money rich and spiritually a pauper, end result MISERABLE life. I have seen and met a lot of people who had barely enough for daily needs but were happy and there were people who were rich and very unhappy."

Comment by Robin Bal on "What is Wealth" posted on

Wealth is not measured by the size of houses, the speed of cars, the price of handbags, the trendy eateries and lounges frequented by celebrities, or the purity of the drugs that those who consider themselves fashionable funnel up their noses. That sort of wealth can be attained by simply being born the son or daughter of financially wealthy parents, climbing dirty ladders, or marrying someone.
Our acts determine our true wealth.
When someone says that they love you, and you know that they mean it to their very core, that there is no doubt in any cell in your entire body that they are unconditionally sincere – then you are wealthy.

It bears repeating: WEALTH = The abundance in ALL realms of life -- emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, and maybe as an afterthought . . . financial.

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth by (Google Affiliate Ad)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Collecting Change can change your life!

Wow, I was not aware that so many people collect change in this world and how it has changed their lives -- often for the better. May goodness, I did some math the other day and if I had picked up and saved all the change that I encountered in my young life . . . I would already by a millionaire. I mean do the math . . .

Anyway, I'm devoting this post to all the bloggers out there that collect change and in that change, changed their lives and my life as well. Carry on my good people!

Thoughts from the Change Race

One Coin at a Time

The Changepot

Change is Good
Penny Squishing

Race of the Century

Piggy Bank

Believe it or not, ALOT of these people are actually FINDING $200 - $500 a year by just picking up coins on the street and in stores and what-not. Do you realize that if you picked up $200 a year and invested it in a safe money-market account giving 4.5% interest, you would have . . . $1,392 in five years. Five years of simply looking down and picking up change! Let's say you take that $1,392 and put it in a mutual fund gaining you 7% interest for the next five years (adding $200 a year in coins that you find). Within 10 years you now have $3,183. Now watch this . . . let's just say you keep it in there for another 5 years (adding $200 a year) -- $5, 695 . . . just from picking up pennies!

Over $5,000 in 15 years, just from picking up pennies and dimes and such? I can do that!

WMU Ultimate Automatic Digital Coin Counting Bank (Google Affiliate Ad)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Dog-gone it Apple, quit tempting me with iPhones!

Look, I'm trying to keep my nose to the grind stone. I'm working really hard to make my millionaire dreams come true. I'm saving every damn penny . . . sweating over this dog-gone keyboard . . . selling my soul to the devil. And then Apple does it to me again.

I saved exactly $300 from my efforts last month and then what do they do? Offer the iPhone for $199 . . . urghhhhhh! You KNOW I want an iPhone. You KNOW I do. Now, mean ole Apple has made web surfing faster, it has G3 network technology, it's got even cooler new applications and GOOGLE geo-maps to put the period on the sentence . . . DAMN. This is so unfair.

Seriously, the only thing stopping me from pre-paying for a new iPhone in July is the rumors that AT&T's price for data service may be the same or "more" than Blackberry users and I can't even think of affording that cost right now.

[Sigh] Oh well, maybe Google's Android (their new phone coming out soon) will give me an alternative . . . but I really want an iPhone damn it.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tallying my GAINS for April-May 2008

Okay, just in case you guys want to know and because it's only fair -- I'm going to outline my efforts to gain my millions and millions of dollars. I'm not listing gains from my actual "job" because that money is used to take care of family, household, etc. This list of gains strictly goes toward my millionaire dreams. So here it goes (rounded out for convenience).

eBay $400.00
Blogging & Writing $100.00
Advertising Revenue $35.00
Affiliate Revenue $39.00
Total 2 Month Gain $574.00

I can hear you all saying, "Is that it?" All your work and you just made a measly 574 dollars? Well, yeah. It'll be more soon. Those that shoot me down because this experiment has started off slow (and feels like it will forever remain slow) obviously are oblivious to the concept of exponential growth.

[For those of you that have no clue what exponential growth is . . . hold on, I'll have an explanation about this type of growth in another post. Stay tuned.]

You can make this blog better. Tell me what types of topics you want me to focus on. I'll be happy to write about things that actually help and entertain you. Or drop me a line at telemill at gmail. [You know what to do to send the e-mail, right?]

Monday, June 2, 2008

There is no 12-step eBay addiction program

eBay has everything, except a 12 Step eBay Addiction Program. If there was one, I'd enlist my husband in it. No matter what I do, I can't get him to stop shopping from eBay and spending money that I think would be better suited to paying down credit card debt or better yet, paying into an investment program.

So, me being a creative little thing -- and knowing that there is no way my husband will stop -- I began collecting all the things in the house that we did not want (which was a lot of stuff -- I had no idea we had so much stuff). And began selling it on eBay to offset my husband's eBay obsession.

Guess what . . . now I'm addicted to eBay, as a seller. I'm selling things left and right. Things I never thought would sell, are snatched up for what I feel are ridiculous prices. I have friends over-seas now . . . customers that drop me a line to see how I'm doing . . .a mailing list with over 100 people waiting for my next auction to come up . . . and an obsessive goal to have over 1,000 listings up at one time.

I've far outpaced my husband's eBay spending and make enough money for his "habit," many of our monthly bills, and gas for the car. A couple more months of sleepless nights -- I can't sleep because I have to check on my auction's bidding amounts at least once an hour -- and we'll be out of debt.

I have piles and piles of stuff I'm selling all through the house. My relatives have truck-loads of stuff in their closets and are gleefully happy to dump it all on me -- as long as they can get rid of it. Now, my husband is complaining that I eBay to much. Payback is a mother, huh?

the Queen of Passive-Aggressive।

*** Though I'm making fun of this topic, there are people that have a serious problem with eBay addiction. There are people actually losing their jobs because of their fascination with eBay. Actually, there is help out there for people who just can't stop eBaying -- if you or someone you know have this type of problem and need actual help, visit NetAddiction to learn more.

Starting an eBay Business for Dummies By Collier, Marsha (Google Affiliate Ad)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Check out my new post on REAL LIFE

Hey guys, got another gig . . . I'm not giving up this one, just doing my thing trying to make my millions. Anyway, thought I'd share my ideas on teaching kids about credit. Check it out!

Look for a post in the near future, outlining all the things I'm doing to "make money" and try to accomplish my millionaire goals.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Tele-Jobs: TigerFish Transcription

Want a simple transcription job? Well, you can't go wrong with TigerFish Transcription. However, they have specific needs and a pretty involved application process. Please, make sure to do EVERYTHING they say on their website so you don't disqualify yourself.

Apply to be part of TigerFish Transcription Contract Workers

You May Wish to Read About:

Please remember, dear job hunter, if your qualifications and experience do not fit the position, do us all a favor and refrain from applying. Employers do not want to be bombarded with resumes of people who can not do the job.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tele-jobs: Community Energy

Are you into GREEN Energy? Well, then this is the company for you! And they often have jobs that one can do from home (very green in my opinion). Recently, I check out their job opening entitled: Community Outreach, which allows the employee to promote clean energy and wind power in their own community. Check out their open positions here.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tele-job: MegaRankings Inc.

Are you into SEO/SEM? [Search Engine Marketing] Then, you will want to align yourself with the leader in Search Engine Marketing . . . which would be, Mega Rankings Inc. They have wonderful jobs -- sometimes those that can be done from home. They are based in Newport Beach, CA. Check out which jobs are open now.

Find out more about the company by clicking here.

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Tele-job: Seek Technologies Group

Provides Wi-Fi telephony, netowrking soltions, internet solutions, voice and data cabling and e-commerce solutions to individuals and small business. They ALWAYS have remote positions open. Check out what they have to offer today. Careers.

For more information about this company go to:

You May Wish to Read About:

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tele-Jobs: VeritasPrep

Did you score in the 99th percentile on GMAT? Then this company is for you! They in instructors (courses around the globe) and Telephone Instructors that help students prepare for the GMAT. Submit your resume now!


You May Wish to Read About:

Friday, May 9, 2008

Tele-Jobs: Fetch! Pet Care

Like pets? Want to know how to hang out with your favorite friends and STILL get paid? You should check out Fetch! Pet Care. Not only do they have have "regular" positions but they also have pet setting and dog walking positions. Check them out!

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tele-Jobs: TickerMine

This is a financial news website that takes large news stories and provides fast bite-sized versions of these stories. It's great for people that like their financial news on the run (sent to their PDAs and cellphones, etc.) Sometimes they need writer and sales people which are positions that be worked remotely. Check out their job listings! Click on the job title that interests you.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tele-jobs: Semphonic

Semphonic is a new company founded in 1997, it's a "leading tool-independent web and search engine marketing analytics consultancy. In real world terms, they help big companies count WHO's coming through, WHAT information is most popular and HOW they can make money utilizing information on their audience. They often have positions that can be done remotely (from home or anywhere else) . . . Visit their job page often.

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Monday, May 5, 2008

Another way to make a million dollars

Going through Motley Fool they had an article on how you can become a millionaire on $20 a day. Basically, if you can sock away $20 a day into a "low-cost market index tracker like the iShares S&P 500 (AMEX: IVV) exchange-traded fund" in about 26 years you will be a millionaire.

Okay, that sounds fine until you realize that $20 a day is $140 a week or $560 a month.

A lot of us don't have $560 a month in which to invest in anything, but I'm ready for the challenge. I pledge that as soon as my current money-making efforts create a regular salary of three times that amount ($1,680), I will dutifully put away $560 into an S&P fund and in 26 years I BETTER have a millionaire dollars in that account.

Don't worry, I'm still pushing for $2,000,000 in 3 years with my other endeavors.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Site Review: Rat Race Rebellion (Job Postings)

Visit Chris and Mike at their website RAT RACE REBELLION -- they have some excellent information there!

Came across this website, it is wonderful. Gives you daily updates of jobs that you can do from home.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids about Money--That t (Google Affiliate Ad)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

How to make a million dollars @ How Stuff

Found this nice article at How stuff . . . entitled: How to Make a Million Dollars. I enjoyed reading it and if you are serious about becoming a millionaire you should check it out as well.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Very new blog on making money online

Very new blog called Make Money Online . . . talking about the best ways to make money online. I found the layout, kind of hard to read (busy, actually) but the information is really good. If you are thinking about blogging , websites and making money you should read the articles here. There are very few but give the guy a break, he just got started. Very promising site.

Friday, April 25, 2008

REDC Foreclosures almost got me! Real Estate Auction Scam?

I have some updated information about REDC Auctions in another more rent article.  Make sure to visit and read that one too!  Let's Revisit the REDC.

It's time that we purchased a home. At least that's what my husband is telling me. We like being homeowners and now that the prices have fallen, home ownership (AGAIN) looks a bit reasonable. I tried to convince my husband that we should wait another year or so, but he's not buying it. So we're looking for bargains.

That's where REDC auctions came into the picture. We saw these big yellow signs on houses all around town. The whole city is a great big Open House Day. After visiting a few open houses, we go to the website . . . and we are hooked.

Yeah, we've got enough money for the 5% earnest money fee (I've been working my butt off - that's why you haven't had updates on this blog . . . sorry).

We pick out a couple of houses we like, we call our mortgage broker friend, we get pre-approved and we are ready to go right?

"Ahhh, have you looked at the Purchase Agreement Contract?" Our mortgage friend ask.

"No, not yet." I say. He knows that I always read the fine print on EVERYTHING I sign, BEFORE I sign it.

"Well, let me know when you read it," and he chuckles. Chuckles -- at ME.

I quickly download the purchase agreement and start reading, but it's long and I hate reading long involved documents "on screen" so I try to print it out. Can't. REDC has it password protected and they won't give me the password.

So, I go around them and made image files (photo snapshots) of each page of the PDF file. Yeah, it's a long process, but I did it. I print out the agreement and get my trusty partner "the highlighter" and dog gone it -- what do I find?

All kinds of statements that scream out to me, DON'T DO THIS!

No seriously, from reading the fine print I found out:

1. You need to provide 5% earnest money and have all paperwork done for a 21 day close or you forfeit the money. OK, tight deadline, but it can be done if you have all your ducks in a row. Check.

2. This is not an absolute auction -- like a regular auction. The properties has a reserve and the lender/seller has 15 business days to decline the winning offer. If they decline, you get your earnest money back in a few weeks. Not fair but they're covering their butts, but OK.

3. You will never get the starting price on the property. There is a secret reserve that must be met. And the seller or REDC will not tell you the "secret reserve." I hate that method of auction so much, that refuse to use the "reserve price" stuff on my E-BAY auctions. But I understand because they're not trying to sell a $500,000 house for $1, OK.

4. The seller is allowed to use fake (shill) bidders to insure they meet those secret reserve. But here's the rub . . . they are allowed to used unidentified fake bidders at the auction, so you -- the bidder -- don't know who you are bidding against.


You must be out of yo' mind!

I can not believe that this is even LEGAL,

Hell, I know it's not ethical,

And it definitely makes no sense. . . I can't believe thousands of people are going for this!

Wait a minute, wait-a-minute, wai-a-minent . . .

So basically, as a winning bidder you give a minimum of $5,000 in a cashier's check to strangers, you bid against the seller who has a multitude of "secret agents" pushing the price of the property higher and higher . . . and you have no idea how high the price will/can go. And the seller still have 15 BUSINESS DAYS (that's 3 weeks folks) to deny or accept your winning bid? Then they may give you back your deposit/earnest money in a few weeks . . .

Ahh, I don't think so.

Stay away from the REDC / auctions. As I told my husband, the deals are coming. Just have a little more patience.

Want to know what others are saying about REDC auctions? Here's some interesting discussions on the web:

SD on REDC Auction

REDC Complaint

Discussion of REDC Auctions

A very enlightening discussion of REDC Auctions

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rebate Check? Stimulus Check? Pocket Change?

Does the U.S. Government really think that $1200 in each taxpayer's hand will really jump start the economy? Where do you think the money is going to go? Here is my guess:

1. Gas tank - where all our money is going lately;
2. Savings account;
3. Mortgage payment (ok, half or 1/3 a mortgage payment);
4. Food;
5. Credit card or car payment.

That's about it. I don't think it's going to big screen TVs, iPods or auto sales or anything. Where are you going to spend your check?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The House of Cards, too little too late?

<-- Click picture to see the video

Video and article by CNN about the housing crisis . . . the bubble.
To me this is too little, too late information. I realized all this stuff all by my little old self and realized that this day was coming a couple of years ago.

But one good thing comes from this investigation.

It answers the questions I had about WHY in the hell was this going on?
Why couldn't people see that this was a disaster ready to happen? Was I the only one that saw what was coming down the road? Was "I" the only sane person that the "mad party?"

The answer = GREED.

I guess Micheal Douglas was wrong in that movie when he said "Greed is Good." Hmmm.
The Article and the Video

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Getting fat and lazy

Q: What are the pitfalls that home business owners need to be most vigilant against?

A: I think complacency. Like, "Oh, I've got it all happening now, the checks are rolling in, the clients are lining up." And not keeping the pipeline filled, not continuing to do all the things in my marketing plan, showing up at three networking events a month, continuing to speak twice a month so people know that I'm out there, continuing to publish a newsletter. Getting lazy when the checks are rolling in or the big accounts are there.

CNN spoke with entrepreneur, speaker and home-based business coach Jane Pollak
So basically, you are telling me that when the money begins to roll in that I have to put even MORE effort in making it continue? See, that's why people don't TRY to become rich. THIS is why people have a "fear of success."

Success is a bitter web that pulls you in and never lets you go. There is no pausing, their is no stopping to smell the roses . . . it just makes you keep going and going and going . . . just to maintain. So, tell me Jane Pollak, when is the stopping point? When can a person stop and enjoy the fruits of their labor, the riches they gain?

Basically, success is a trend mill at a 24 hour/ 7 days a week gym.

Picture by Ted Abbott

Monday, February 18, 2008

All I need is 100,000 auctions and I'll be rich!

Okay, I've been working really hard at this Ebay thing. And I must say, I've been doing a wonderful job of it. I've produced a little bit of change from my garage and I haven't gotten 1/4 of the things in there on Ebay yet . . . so opportunity abounds, dear friends.

Anyway, I'm averaging about $10 - $8 per auction in actual profit. Cool huh? So the way I estimate things, all I need to do is get 100,000 auctions up this year and I'll be a millionaire -- if not close to a millionaire when I subtract the E-bay Listing fees, the Pay-pal fees and some other odd fees that seem to drop into my bottom line.

So, let's see . . . 100,000 auctions -- can it be done? Let's get out the old calculator.

Okay, really it would have to be 125,000 auctions because about 25% of my auctions go nowhere - meaning no one bids on my stuff. So to be realistic, I need to put up 125,000 auctions in a 12 month period.

125,000 / 12 months = 10, 417 auctions a month. Hmmm.

10,417/22 days (don't want to work on Saturday and Sunday) = 473.50 auctions a day

474 / 8 hours (I have to blog and sleep and stuff) = 59 auctions an hour

Okay, I doubt that I could do 59 auctions an hour (you have to take photos, write descriptions, weigh stuff etc.) . . . but if I COULD manage 59 auctions an hour . . .I'd be RICH!

Should I go for it?

I suppose things would go a lot smoother if I had more high-end stuff to sell huh? Why don't you guys give me some ideas of what I can sell on E-bay that would give me more bang for my buck?

Friday, February 15, 2008

Tele-jobs: GE

General Electrics is known for allowing it's employees to work from home. They don't publicize "telecommuting" jobs, so you must apply, research or ask around to find out which ones are allowed to telecommute -- however, in the jobs listings there are hints about jobs that are open for telecommuting: in location they say OPEN, UNSPECIFIED or FLEXIBLE.

Check them out at:

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Telecommuter's Friend: Republic Bancorp

The 100 Best Companies to work for article of Fortune Magazine stated that Republic Bancorp (now Citizen's Bank) allows almost 60% of it's employees to regularly telecommute. But if you look at their job listing, you would never know it because they don't list it at all.

It goes to show you that there are A LOT of hidden telecommuting jobs out there. And the folks that have telecommuting jobs don't always advertise them. You must do your research . . . look up companies, ask friends, ask the company. Apply to jobs like you would "regular" jobs because after all, it IS a regular job that allows you to do the work in another location.

Some other companies that are open to telecommuting
SC Johnson - 23% employees telecommute regularly

Morrison & Foerster - 30% employees telecommute regularly
(Look for: Office Location Flexible)

American Fidelity Assurance Company - 33% employess telecommute regularly