Thursday, December 11, 2008

We’re in a recession -- Is your freelance/contract work screwed?

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If I have learned nothing more from owning a business it is . . . “Don’t sit around and wait for good fortune – make your own good fortune.”

I also own a virtual assistant/freelance writing business. Yeah, as my kids say: “Mommy, you do to much.” Kids, what do they know?

Anyway, as you can guess, business is now slow. My clients either don’t need me, are cutting back or need me but don’t have the means in which to pay for my services. Bummer.

Now what?

I can either close up shop . . . or, I can ask my previous customers and some of the guys on the social media networks I frequent (hunting for gigs) what they need now in the form of assistance. From the ones that answer that question, I can then ask what would their budget allow in paying for said assistance. Whatever my clients and colleagues say they need, I plan to move my service business in that direction and market to those needs.

All it takes is a little change in mental direction. I'll allow the change to flow . . . like water. Be the water my friends:

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