Monday, June 9, 2008

Dog-gone it Apple, quit tempting me with iPhones!

Look, I'm trying to keep my nose to the grind stone. I'm working really hard to make my millionaire dreams come true. I'm saving every damn penny . . . sweating over this dog-gone keyboard . . . selling my soul to the devil. And then Apple does it to me again.

I saved exactly $300 from my efforts last month and then what do they do? Offer the iPhone for $199 . . . urghhhhhh! You KNOW I want an iPhone. You KNOW I do. Now, mean ole Apple has made web surfing faster, it has G3 network technology, it's got even cooler new applications and GOOGLE geo-maps to put the period on the sentence . . . DAMN. This is so unfair.

Seriously, the only thing stopping me from pre-paying for a new iPhone in July is the rumors that AT&T's price for data service may be the same or "more" than Blackberry users and I can't even think of affording that cost right now.

[Sigh] Oh well, maybe Google's Android (their new phone coming out soon) will give me an alternative . . . but I really want an iPhone damn it.

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