Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Getting fat and lazy

Q: What are the pitfalls that home business owners need to be most vigilant against?

A: I think complacency. Like, "Oh, I've got it all happening now, the checks are rolling in, the clients are lining up." And not keeping the pipeline filled, not continuing to do all the things in my marketing plan, showing up at three networking events a month, continuing to speak twice a month so people know that I'm out there, continuing to publish a newsletter. Getting lazy when the checks are rolling in or the big accounts are there.

CNN spoke with entrepreneur, speaker and home-based business coach Jane Pollak
So basically, you are telling me that when the money begins to roll in that I have to put even MORE effort in making it continue? See, that's why people don't TRY to become rich. THIS is why people have a "fear of success."

Success is a bitter web that pulls you in and never lets you go. There is no pausing, their is no stopping to smell the roses . . . it just makes you keep going and going and going . . . just to maintain. So, tell me Jane Pollak, when is the stopping point? When can a person stop and enjoy the fruits of their labor, the riches they gain?

Basically, success is a trend mill at a 24 hour/ 7 days a week gym.

Picture by Ted Abbott

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