Monday, June 2, 2008

There is no 12-step eBay addiction program

eBay has everything, except a 12 Step eBay Addiction Program. If there was one, I'd enlist my husband in it. No matter what I do, I can't get him to stop shopping from eBay and spending money that I think would be better suited to paying down credit card debt or better yet, paying into an investment program.

So, me being a creative little thing -- and knowing that there is no way my husband will stop -- I began collecting all the things in the house that we did not want (which was a lot of stuff -- I had no idea we had so much stuff). And began selling it on eBay to offset my husband's eBay obsession.

Guess what . . . now I'm addicted to eBay, as a seller. I'm selling things left and right. Things I never thought would sell, are snatched up for what I feel are ridiculous prices. I have friends over-seas now . . . customers that drop me a line to see how I'm doing . . .a mailing list with over 100 people waiting for my next auction to come up . . . and an obsessive goal to have over 1,000 listings up at one time.

I've far outpaced my husband's eBay spending and make enough money for his "habit," many of our monthly bills, and gas for the car. A couple more months of sleepless nights -- I can't sleep because I have to check on my auction's bidding amounts at least once an hour -- and we'll be out of debt.

I have piles and piles of stuff I'm selling all through the house. My relatives have truck-loads of stuff in their closets and are gleefully happy to dump it all on me -- as long as they can get rid of it. Now, my husband is complaining that I eBay to much. Payback is a mother, huh?

the Queen of Passive-Aggressive।

*** Though I'm making fun of this topic, there are people that have a serious problem with eBay addiction. There are people actually losing their jobs because of their fascination with eBay. Actually, there is help out there for people who just can't stop eBaying -- if you or someone you know have this type of problem and need actual help, visit NetAddiction to learn more.

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