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Earn Quick Money Selling Your Old Tech

Do you have old computers, tablets, phones, printer, routers, etc. laying around?  Do you know you are sitting on money?  Did your wife get all your old devices together and put them in a box in the garage for you to take to the recycling center?  DON'T.

Recycling those old items for free (even if they are not working) is like throwing dollar bills into the wind!  Don't throw your money away.

There are many places that offer cash for your old electronics.  There are retailers that offer trade-in programs that can give you gift cards for your old tech.  And believe it or not, there is a way to make selling your old tech items a full-time endeavor that can give you a substantial income.

The idea of a substantial income piqued your interest, huh?  Let me show you how to get some quick cash and maybe an ongoing income.

This post is actually a continuation of the article I wrote a while ago, titled: Earn Quick Money Selling Your Old Cell Phone.  A lot of the information in this article applies here so I advise you to visit it and read it.  To learn how to avoid scammers and protect your data and keep your information secure . . . please, please, please read Earn Quick Money Selling Your Old Cell Phone.  It's really important.

So basically, the way you sell your used items usually goes like this:

1.  Visit one of the websites I will list below.  Type in (or choose) the make, model, and condition of the electronic device.  Describe any defects.  Some will just simply ask you to take a picture of the item and upload it to their system.

2.  When you send them info and pictures through the website or app, they will send you a quote of the value of the item within 24 hours.

3.  If you agree with the quote, they will send you a postage label or tell you where you can download the postage label.  Make sure you carefully read the instructions for packing up the item and mail it out immediately.

4.  They usually send you an email or text when the item is delivered to you, they assess your item, and if it's exactly as you describe they notify you of payment.  Most will pay through Paypal.  Some by check.  Some by GiftCard.  Payment is usually pretty fast within 3-5 days.

And that is how it's actually done.  

How to expand and make even MORE MONEY!

After you have successfully sold all your old tech, you can make even more money by offering to get rid of all the old tech lying around your family and friend's houses.  All you have to do is ask them if they want to get rid of their old electronics.  Most people will be happy to get the junk out of their closets, cabinets, and garages.

Now, take their old electronics and repeat what you did when you sold your old devices.  Suggestion: be a good friend, and give your family and friends a small percentage of your proceeds (5%-10% of what you get, is nice).  Dropping a little cash, or a gift card as a "thank you" will give your family and friends incentive to call you later when they have more old electronics to get rid of.  They will probably also tell "their" friends about what you can do and through simple "word of mouth" you can expand your "quick money" endeavor into an extra income activity.

Where to make that money:  It's easy at this site.  Click on the device you want to sell.  Get a quote.  Ship for free and get your cash within 2 days after they receive the item.

Gazelle. Sell your gadgets for cash. They have kiosks where you can drop off your item as well as sending it in by mail.  Get paid in Amazon Gift Card, Paypal or check.  Works the same as and they pay you via GooglePay, Paypal or check.

Mac of All Trades.  They purchase iMacs, iPads, iPhones, MacBooks, MacBook Airs, Mac Minis and Mac Pro (basically all Apple products).  Visit the website to get full details of how it works.

Gadget  With this one, you can text them to sell your old tech.  Simply send a picture to 312-548-9231 and ask for the value of your item, they will send you a shipping label and after receiving you get paid.

Trade your old electronics for gift cards through retail sites

Walmart's Gadget to Gift Cards

Target's Trade-In Program

Amazon Trade-In

Apple's Recycling Program

Best Buy Recycling

How to make this into a full-time business.

After your "family and friends" start spreading the word around and you have gained a pretty good reputation on getting rid of old electronics, think about contacting local businesses, schools, and organizations that may have a truckload of old electronics and now you have items in bulk to sell.

There are different companies that will take electronics in bulk.  If you decide to go this route then you need to consider: - PCs, used network hardware, phone systems and any other old electronics.

Capitol Asset - They buy IT assets when companies liquidate their assets.

Other ways to make money with old electronics

Always remember that many times you can sell PARTS for much more money than selling items whole.  And if you decide to sell parts e-Bay is one of your best tools.  Local scrap yards will pay you for whatever parts are leftover.

If you have never used E-bay to sell items, here is a simple guide to help you get started quickly.  WikiHow: How to Sell on E-bay (Beginner's Guide)

The future of recycling electronics - mineral mining.

What people are discovering is that mining minerals like "gold" for e-waste can make you some bucks as well.   Some experts point out that extracting metals for e-waste costs 13X less than mining for virgin ore. There are people currently developing easier ways to recover gold, copper and other precious metals from e-waste. "The mining of e-waste, and production of pure metal ingots from it of copper or gold, promises to be a very profitable business," said Macquarie's Prof John Mathews.The figures emerged in a joint study from Beijing's Tsinghua University and Macquarie University, in Sydney,  So keep your eyes open for a future of making money from e-waste.  

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