Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tube Ninja Wealth Principle: The Money Myth...

I simply love this guy and this video is EXACTLY the kind of stuff we need to realize as people who will soon hold much wealth! [grin]

He's fun and entertaining and if you listen -- you might just learn something valuable.

And just so you know: I take my money "attitude" from my grandmother who raised me and survived the depression. So, for me . . . money is always scarce. I've got to change that huh?

Friday, December 12, 2008

Telecommuting Jobs for Week of 12/12/08

As promised! More Telecommuting jobs I've found during my job search. Good luck my friends.

B2C SEO/SEM Marketing Guru wanted

Omniture Web Analytics Consultant

Shop Drawing Draftsman for Commercial Construction

iPhone developer (telecommute opportunity)

Sales Consultants for International Design Company
Business Process Modeler - ProVision

Physical Rehabilitation Staffing Manager/Coordinator

Lead Oracle Configurator (VIRTUAL - ANYWHERE)

Law Firm Marketing/Administrator for Estate Planner

Biofuel Startup - Process Engineer (Remote & UCSF

Green Technology - Sales Job Available IMMEDIATELY

Flash Developer



Community Organizer – part time

Los Angeles REO Listing Agent/Broker

Online Content Manager

Media Relations Specialist, Health Care – Freelance Project

National Field Sales Manager

Grant Writing and Editing for Education - Free World U

Web coder/designer part time freelance

Health Benefits Representative

Apple Articles - Apple, Developer, Mac, iPhone, JavaScript, Ajax, SDK

Architectural Designer / Drafter

Account/Customer Service Manager Healthcare


Technical Writers with Manufacturing / Aerospace Experience (Virtual)

Google Apps Consultant - work from home

Business Development Professional (Multiple positions & locations)
Public sector experience, outstanding communication skills, proficient with MS Office , Self-motivated, Enthusiastic


You may want to "fan" me on Plurk or follow me on Twitter, I usually put up some of these job openings every day. Just look t the right of this blog post, the social networking sites I visit often are there.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

We’re in a recession -- Is your freelance/contract work screwed?

Go back and read parts 1, 2 and 3 of this series!

If I have learned nothing more from owning a business it is . . . “Don’t sit around and wait for good fortune – make your own good fortune.”

I also own a virtual assistant/freelance writing business. Yeah, as my kids say: “Mommy, you do to much.” Kids, what do they know?

Anyway, as you can guess, business is now slow. My clients either don’t need me, are cutting back or need me but don’t have the means in which to pay for my services. Bummer.

Now what?

I can either close up shop . . . or, I can ask my previous customers and some of the guys on the social media networks I frequent (hunting for gigs) what they need now in the form of assistance. From the ones that answer that question, I can then ask what would their budget allow in paying for said assistance. Whatever my clients and colleagues say they need, I plan to move my service business in that direction and market to those needs.

All it takes is a little change in mental direction. I'll allow the change to flow . . . like water. Be the water my friends:

Monday, December 8, 2008

We’re in a Recession: Is your business screwed?

Last week I featured Part 1 and 2 of this series.

Just a few months ago, I developed a business on eBay that was pretty lucrative for the first six months . . . until about October. You know October 2008, when the president appeared on all the TV screens and said we were royally screwed unless Congress OK’d a big government bailout for the failing banks. And then credit dried up. Then no one came to eBay to buy any of my stuff and all my products just sat there all sad and lonely. Yeah, THAT October 2008.

Anyway, before I shut down my eBay account, it occurred to me that I had more power than I credited myself with. You see, I had customers (about 500 customers) that I could tap into. And guess what, even more amazing – I had their mailing and e-mail addresses.

And then this even bigger idea came to mind. Instead of letting eBay get my customers for me, perhaps – just perhaps – I should work at getting some of my previous customers to come look at my auctions. You know, ACTIVELY court and market to the people that were satisfied with my service and products. Wow! So, I created a database of 500 people, contacted them through e-mail and my sells picked up. Imagine that!

How did I do that? Well good friend I just changed my thinking. No wait, I changed my whole mental direction . . . like I was Bruce Lee talking about . . . water:

Look for part 4, later this week!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

New Social Site, Meet Interesting People!

Visit Sta.rtUp.Biz - The Small Business Social Network

Don't be shy, meet interesting new people with new ideas. Surround yourself with success! All the millionaire books say that it is the best way to gain riches. Want to be rich, get some rich or successful friends.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

We’re in a recession and you’re job hunting – you’re screwed right? (Part 2)

If you haven't done it yet, please read part 1 of this article.

I, like about 1.25 million people in America, am looking for a job.

But in a recession, it’s important that you hunt and apply for a particular sort of job. Instead of getting a job in, say the dead industries: construction, real estate or banking. Maybe you should look around the job vacancies of public utilities, good companies like grocery store chains, Green Technology companies . . . you know the companies that produce products that everyone still spends money on – water, gas, electricity, food, and alternative fuels.

Wow, look at that a whole set of recession-proof jobs I can apply for. And if you don’t have the skill-set to apply to the jobs in these recession proof industries – then get them. Online classes, adult classes, university extension courses, the “library.” You’re out of work anyway, do something constructive, get the training, get educated and start fresh.

Remember . . . be like the water:

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

OK, you are going to hate me . . .

Please, if you are a subscriber to my blog. Don't unsubscribe me in the next 48 hours -- because . . . well, you are going to hate me.

See, I'm going to play catch up.

Though I haven't posted in a while . . . I didn't stop writing. In fact, I have over 6 months worth of stuff that I wrote and didn't post.

Yeah, sue me. I was making money.

Anyway, it's time to post all those things up and you'll probably get lots of updated e-mail notices saying Telecommuting Millionaire? has a new post up - like every few minutes. And you'll probably get really mad at me.


Just ignore me for the next couple of days, ok?

Thanks, you're a peach!

(This message will be removed when I finish updating).

THIS is our problem . . . thanks Pete!

This was our problem everyone. This is why we are in the mess we are in. Holla' if you disagree. I like Pete's music on this video by the way.

For more great information, check out Pete the Planner's Website. He's great!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Telecommuting Jobs for Week of 12/02/08

As you guys may know, I'm looking for employment. Yeah, it's a really bad time to do that -- but hey, what can you do. I need a job.

Anyway, I thought since I've been looking for a job and I come across positions that I won't apply for, I thought I'd share them with you. In hopes that somehow I make a difference in this crazy economic situation we are all in.

I'll try to do this weekly until I find a job for myself. Let me know if there is a particular "type" of job that I should keep my eyes open for. Good luck in your search . . .

Ad Sales Executive (Boston - South) Seeks Health Professionals as Writers Seeks Sports Journalists

Account Exec. for Cigar Mag - Fun, Flexible, and Lucrative (ATL)

Casual Game Programmer - Contract Position

Curriculum Writers for High School Business Courses (SF Bay Area)

Director of Engineering
Freelance Flash Designer (Portland)

Information Security Engineer (San Francisco)

Internet Marketing Apprentice CHALLENGE (San Francisco)

Lifestyle Writer for 50+ Audience (Boston)

Medical Writers and Editors

Native Spanish Speakers Needed

Regional Account Executie (Midwest/South Central)

Regional Sales Manager - bilingual English/Spanish (LA based)

LinkReliable Website/Graphics Designer Needed ASAP (Atlanta)

Retail Web designer needed (Atlanta, GA )

Seminar Scheduler - PART TIME (San Francisco)

Senior ITIL/ITSM Consultant (West Coast)

T-shirt designers needed!

Website and Flash Designer Needed for a Short Project

Monday, December 1, 2008

It’s official we’re in a recession – OK, so we’re screwed, right?


Just because we are experiencing a bad economy – scratch that – a recession does not mean you can not make money. It just means that money isn’t flowing as freely as it did before. In the recent past, money (or may I say credit) was effortless. People was throwing it at you and you were throwing it right back out, getting the things you wanted . . . brand-named clothes, new gadgets, shiney cars, pretty fingernail tips . . . well, that’s over.

Okay, that’s the bad news.

The good news is, money (actual money) can still be made. The wonderful thing about a recession is, when you make money this time, you have incentive to SAVE (actually KEEP some of the money you earn).

Wait. So, how do you gain money if people are clutching their money tighter than a pair of skinny jeans on a 15-year-old at a Kanye West concert?

The fact of the matter is, people still need to spend money. Maybe not on frivolous stuff like 72 inch flat-screen TVs or $300 hand-held devices that purr when you pet it – yeah, they may not be spending on those things. But there still are basics like clothes, food, shelter, transportation, heat/light/water. You know, the things that keep you and me alive. Somehow, you need to become an integral part of “the things that keep us alive” – the basics that we will purchase, even in bad economic times.

How do we do this? Well first of all you have to change your thinking or better yet, change your whole mental direction.

As the Great Bruce Lee says . . . be like Wah-tah! (water)

Part 2, 3 and 4 coming this week