Thursday, July 16, 2015

IF YOU WIN THE LOTTERY: A simple way to keep your riches

There are so many stories of how people lose their winnings when they have a windfall, such as winning the lottery.  Here is a simple way to keep your windfall working FOR you for years!

It's really simple.  Ready?

Let's say you've won the lottery.  Let's imagine the smallest win in California which is $7 million.

If you take the cash value of that win, you can say goodbye to 50% of the winnings.  So, you actually get a lump sum of $3.5 million.  Oh but wait, you have to pay your taxes!  If you consider Federal and State Taxes subtract 40%.

So, take your $3.5 million x .40 = $1,400,000.  Now $3,500,000 - $1,400,000 = $2,100,000

So, ultimately you will receive a check for $2,100,000 (they actually wire it to your account, but I digress).  Now let's create simple steps to make your life better for the rest of your life.

Step 1.  Hire a tax advisor, financial advisor and attorney.  It's very important that you do this first because these guys can help you avoid taxes & fees and keep people who will try to take your money (troublemakers) away from your winnings.  This should cost you no more than $25,000 initially (warning: if they want more than that, find another advisor)

Step 2. Get rid of debt.  Most U.S. Citizens have no more than $100,000 in debt.  Let's just say for this exercise you have $100,000 in debt.

Step 3.  Charity brings good karma and is a great tax deduction, so take 10% of your winnings and give to charity.

Step 4.  Play time!  What good is winning anything if you don't take some of that money and play with it.  You have permission to spend (some) of your winnings on frivolous things you've always wanted.  Take 10% and play, play, play

Step 5.  Now take the rest of your winnings and put it in a safe investment yielding at least 6% per annum. Your financial advisor will be able to tell you were you can find investments that will yield 6-10% in interest SAFELY.  For this exercise we'll calculate with a conservative 6%, your financial advisor may be able to help you gain a higher yield.

You have $2,100,000 (cash winnings) - $545,000 (Steps 1-4) = $1,555,000

So,  $1,555,000 x .06% = $93,300 per year.

If you keep this cash winnings in this investment, never touch that $1,555,000 million and leave it in that account you will receive at minimum $93,300 per year.  This is your yearly salary, without working a 9-5 job, automatically.  With no debt, could you live on $93,300 a year?

I don't know about you, but I sure can!

And as long as you take out $93,000 a year from your account or LESS, you will always be a millionaire.  If you decide to take LESS than $93,000 a year  . . . say $75,000 a year, you will grow your million into multi-millions within a few years!

And THAT is how you win the lottery, live well and still have millions YEARS later.

Now that you have a concrete plan if you win the lottery.  Go buy a ticket!  And good luck.

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