Thursday, July 31, 2008

Why do I love Craigslist? Let me count the ways . . .

1. Craigslist has allowed me to work from home and still take care of my small children. My last 6 clients/jobs I’ve found was through Craigslist Job Listings. Thanks Craigslist for allowing me to make a living and feed my kids!

2. Craigslist helps me sell my book and prove my arguments . . . I’ve written a book called “The Real Deal on Telecommuting” and my website allows me to help the would-be-telecommuters find legitimate jobs and avoid scams. The first website I direct those job hunters to? . . . Craigslist Job Listing (telecommuting button marked). Thanks Craigslist for showing my readers that there are legitimate places to find work-at-home jobs and giving me the credibility I need to sell books!

3. By becoming addicted to the Housing Discussion Forum, I realized it was time to sale my house in 2005 and rent for a while – now I have a six-figure savings account, no mortgage and thanks to the jobs I found on Craigslist (see #1), no debt. Thanks Craigslist for helping me profit for the housing bubble and the impending economic crisis!

4. Craigslist helped me find the house I live in right now. I found this 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom house in a great neighborhood, through Craigslist . . . Thanks Craigslist for the best landlord ever!

5. I furnished said house that I now live in through Craigslist’s furniture for sale listings. Thanks Craigslist for the best 6-piece all-wood dining room set.

6. Craigslist has helped me find the car I drive. Got the greatest deal on a 2003 Mini-Van I found through Craigslist. Thanks Craigslist for my safe and luxurious ride!

7. My side business is on E-bay. This side-business has flourished because of the items I purchase through estate sales, yard sales and public storage sales announced by Craigslist. Thanks Craigslist for allowing me to make even more money!

8. Craigslist’s local news and event section helps me keep my two blogs running smoothly. If I want to know what’s going on in my area I simply visit here. It also gives me ideas for articles. Thanks Craigslist for being my blogging muse!

9. Craigslist has helped me keep my jobs/clients by providing client satisfaction. My main business is in promotion. I’m often given the task of promoting events and businesses. I have had great success with my clients because I promote their events through Craigslist. Thanks Craigslist for satisfying my customers!

10. I have met two very-well connected and influential individuals (who I would have never meet otherwise) through my involvement in discussion groups with Craigslist. Thanks Craigslist for connecting me with the right people.

11. And lastly, when I am depressed and need a good boost, Craigslist makes me laugh at life with the BEST OF CRAIGSLIST (my favorite area) . . . which always helps me to laugh at myself and life in general. Thanks Craigslist for the smiles -- and many times, the all out belly-aching laughs).

Now you tell me, what would I do without Craigslist?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Membership has it's advantages

Had no idea that all the work I've been doing around the Interwebs had a name and a title: Social Networking. Well here I am, claiming it all I'm a Social Network Addict. I love getting to know people, networking and creating content. So there, I admit it.

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