Monday, February 18, 2008

All I need is 100,000 auctions and I'll be rich!

Okay, I've been working really hard at this Ebay thing. And I must say, I've been doing a wonderful job of it. I've produced a little bit of change from my garage and I haven't gotten 1/4 of the things in there on Ebay yet . . . so opportunity abounds, dear friends.

Anyway, I'm averaging about $10 - $8 per auction in actual profit. Cool huh? So the way I estimate things, all I need to do is get 100,000 auctions up this year and I'll be a millionaire -- if not close to a millionaire when I subtract the E-bay Listing fees, the Pay-pal fees and some other odd fees that seem to drop into my bottom line.

So, let's see . . . 100,000 auctions -- can it be done? Let's get out the old calculator.

Okay, really it would have to be 125,000 auctions because about 25% of my auctions go nowhere - meaning no one bids on my stuff. So to be realistic, I need to put up 125,000 auctions in a 12 month period.

125,000 / 12 months = 10, 417 auctions a month. Hmmm.

10,417/22 days (don't want to work on Saturday and Sunday) = 473.50 auctions a day

474 / 8 hours (I have to blog and sleep and stuff) = 59 auctions an hour

Okay, I doubt that I could do 59 auctions an hour (you have to take photos, write descriptions, weigh stuff etc.) . . . but if I COULD manage 59 auctions an hour . . .I'd be RICH!

Should I go for it?

I suppose things would go a lot smoother if I had more high-end stuff to sell huh? Why don't you guys give me some ideas of what I can sell on E-bay that would give me more bang for my buck?

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  1. lmao at this! So true!
    Found you via Twitter.


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