Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tallying my GAINS for April-May 2008

Okay, just in case you guys want to know and because it's only fair -- I'm going to outline my efforts to gain my millions and millions of dollars. I'm not listing gains from my actual "job" because that money is used to take care of family, household, etc. This list of gains strictly goes toward my millionaire dreams. So here it goes (rounded out for convenience).

eBay $400.00
Blogging & Writing $100.00
Advertising Revenue $35.00
Affiliate Revenue $39.00
Total 2 Month Gain $574.00

I can hear you all saying, "Is that it?" All your work and you just made a measly 574 dollars? Well, yeah. It'll be more soon. Those that shoot me down because this experiment has started off slow (and feels like it will forever remain slow) obviously are oblivious to the concept of exponential growth.

[For those of you that have no clue what exponential growth is . . . hold on, I'll have an explanation about this type of growth in another post. Stay tuned.]

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