Wednesday, December 3, 2008

OK, you are going to hate me . . .

Please, if you are a subscriber to my blog. Don't unsubscribe me in the next 48 hours -- because . . . well, you are going to hate me.

See, I'm going to play catch up.

Though I haven't posted in a while . . . I didn't stop writing. In fact, I have over 6 months worth of stuff that I wrote and didn't post.

Yeah, sue me. I was making money.

Anyway, it's time to post all those things up and you'll probably get lots of updated e-mail notices saying Telecommuting Millionaire? has a new post up - like every few minutes. And you'll probably get really mad at me.


Just ignore me for the next couple of days, ok?

Thanks, you're a peach!

(This message will be removed when I finish updating).

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