Friday, September 21, 2007

Got a New Telecommuting Job

I got a new job using a free web tool that I reviewed a week ago. The job is to promote a music entertainer on the Internet.

They needed someone to get the word out on the Internet and they were looking for a “virtual assistant” to do the job. Basically, they thought that a person who could write a PR piece and distribute it to the media was all they needed. I knew I could do better.

So, I created this proposal/resume using Qlipboard. They were so impressed with it that I got the job! Now, each week they want me to send them a Qlippit of work that I’ve done for them.

This got me to thinking, hmmm. Could this little piece of free software be the key solution to the arguments of those stubborn managers who don’t want to let people telecommute because they can’t see their work? Could this little bit of free software possibly be a solution to that argument?

There are a few other accounts I would like to get to increase my income. I think I will use Qlipboard and other web tools to convince these potential employers to use me or hire my services. And that got me to thinking again, that I should create an article on the tools that telecommuters can use to convince their boss to allow them to telecommute. I mean, it worked for me and I know there are a lot of tools on the internet that employers are not aware of, but are essential to making working from home possible, easy and down right "common sense."

So, now I must fully endorse Qlipboard as a way for telecommuters to convince employers to hire them. I invite other telecommuters to try this method. It has worked well for me. (Please note, that because of this success and some other things I’ve done last week) I’m updating my goal meters, finally. Yea!

In case you're curious, here’s the Qlippit that convinced my client to choose me.

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