Wednesday, September 19, 2007

About your budget: GAS

Okay, today we are going to be "practical" and concern ourselves with an issue that is on our minds, daily. Gas.

Now, why would a telecommuter speak on such things? Well, even though my good fortune in finding telecommuting work helps me avoid the high cost of gas, I am still affected by the high prices. After all, my spouse commutes one hour one-way to his job. I have to take the kids to school and pick them up. They have various after-school activities that I must drive them to. Some of my clients require my attendance at important meetings periodically. So yes, I still spend money on gas. And that means I'm always looking for practical and helpful ways to offset that cost.

I found one helpful site called It helps people find cheap prices within their city by providing the comprehensive listings of gas prices (both inexpensive and most expensive).

You simply go to your location on the map (Sorry - they only have U.S. and Canada locations), select the city closest to you. Then, they provide a list of the cheapest gas (and the most expensive gas) in that area. They even have a map to show you how far you must drive to get to that cheap gas. Excellent!

How do they do this? Well, people like you and me sign up to become a "member" (it's free) and when they purchase gas they note the price at that station. When they have access to they enter the station, it's location and the price of gas there. tallies the results and put them in easy tables for visitor information.

Participating in GasBuddy: joining, putting in gas prices, referring friends and leaving messages in the forum gets you points that can be used to win free gas cards and other prizes.
Nice little site. I'm sorry I only just stumbled onto it recently.

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