Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Auction Ads and the New Deal

As I've stated before, I've been investigating all kinds of "make money" opportunities in my endeavor to successfully meet my "challenge." Well, this is the first of many posts on "creating cash" that I hope you will enjoy.

Today, I came across a new deal with AuctionAds. Anyone who signs up will receive $25.00 automatically in their account. Wow, you might say, that's $25.00 free dollars for signing up and putting Auction ads on my blog. Sweet! Well yeah and no.

Yeah, they are giving out free dough, but they don't pay out until you amass $50.00 worth of people who have clicked over to E-Bay and successfully won the auction -- so you still have to have the lots of traffic to amass $25.00 worth of advertising revenue. Which I don't have right now. But what the hay, that shouldn't stop me from telling you guys about it, right?

So, for all you crazy kids out there with over 300 visits per day, that can amass $25.00 worth a revenue in a few short weeks, if not days. Go for it! As you can see, I'm going for it too.

Try AuctionAds

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