Thursday, September 13, 2007

ALMOST a Top 100 Make Money Online Blog!

Have you visited yet? I had this guy on my list of websites to review when low and behold, I got the notice that I am 152 on this list of Top 100 Make Money Online Blogs. I couldn't believe it! I am so honored to be listed in any location near such wonder bloggers as: ProBlogger, Shoemoney, Dosh Dosh and Emoms@Home. Thank you 45n5!

Now for the review of this site:
If you are a blogger (or thinking about blogging) and you have not read at least 10 posts at then you are woefully behind dear students. This website is an absolute MUST READ, even if all you do is read blogs. There is so much information here about earning money online (even lists opportunties that do not require blogging or owning a website) that it just makes me dizzy and want to kick my butt at the same time. I have missed out on so much!

Here are some of my favorite and great money making posts from this site:

How to Sell A Digital Product Online

Get Paid for Your Videos Today!
How To: Build a Content Minisite in Under 10 Minutes

And please check out his funny money-making video spoof:

The Best Make Money Online Video On Youtube


  1. You left John Chow and John Cow off your list of people to be close to...Freudian slip? I see your earnings meter hasn't been updated in over a month, have you made that first $1000? That's a great milestone and I hope you make it soon. I'm working on my first $1000 month, but the going has been slow. Just means it's time to push it harder though and I know I'll make it.

  2. I'm not moving the meter until I actually put the cash in the bank. I have supposedly earned more money, but I haven't received the checks yet, thus the meter does not move.

    So, no I technically I haven't earned the first $1,000 yet. Actual money is going slow, but I've gotten three more clients and I'm working on projects for them so the PROMISE is there. But I don't live on promises.

    I wish you luck my friend . . . $1,000 in one month sounds heavenly. I'm praying hard for you my brotha.

  3. lot of site i tried but i failed to earn on can i do it that one.
    Did you see it? One more time? You won't get faked out here!


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