Friday, August 9, 2019

Telejobs (Work from Home): NTI (National Telecommuting Institute, Inc.)

Did you know that there is a whole national non-profit organization that specializes in placing Americans with Disability and Disable Veterans with jobs?  Did you know that they've been doing this successfully since 1995?

How cool is that!

If you receive SSI or SSDI (disability benefits) and are between 18 and 64 you should definitely check out this organization.  Their site NTI@Home specializes in helping folks on disability so don't worry about losing your benefits while working with them.

Most of the jobs are Call Center, Sales, Customer Service, and Help Desk jobs but that's fine because their clients are BIG companies like AT&T, Google, Amazon and so on.

It costs nothing to be part of the program and to find a job through them.  So, you should visit and learn the steps you have to take to participate in the program!

This is an amazing opportunity for my powerful and influential friends!


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