Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's not about who you know, but how many people you know

Did you realize that if you knew 100,000 people (and they knew you in return) all you would have to do is ask each one of them for $10 and you would be a millionaire?

If you had a business with 100,000 customers, all you would need is an one item that cost $15.00 and you would profit $1,000,000 (because you need $500,000 for taxes, business expenses, advertising, etc.)

So, what does this tell you . . . it tells me that McDonalds who has billions and billions of people served, has billions and billions of dollars just from the sale of $2.49 Large Fries!

That's so unfair! All I want is measly million (Okay, 3 million in 2 days -- why do you have to be so technical?) [Eye roll].

I remember reading in Millionaire Blueprints Magazine that this guy called Joe Girard was recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records as the No. 1 retail car salesman in history -- all because he understood the concept of the more people you know, the more money you can make.

Basically, he developed a database of everyone he knew and met.

"Joe developed a system of staying in contact with his customers and potential clients. For every phone call or personal contact he made, Joe would write down on a file card any relevant information. He then sent everybody on his list a unique greeting card every single month. These weren't high-pressure sales letters, just friendly reminders to let people know that he was thinking about him."
Millionaire Blueprints, Jan-Feb 2006, pg 63

Joe would send people birthday cards, 12-month follow-up referral cards and monthly "howdy do?" cards. Pretty soon he was sending out tens of thousands of cards every month -- and he was getting millions in business every year.

Wow, what a simple concept that we overlook. I mean, sending notes through the mail can cost you a bundle, but sending people e-mail and e-cards and newsletters cost you nothing! Why aren't more people taking advantage of that? Why aren't "I" taking advantage of that?

A new goal for Telemill: Acquire a database of 300,000 people that regularly receive some sort of information from me monthly. So, where to start -- let me get out my Christmas List . . .

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