Thursday, September 6, 2007

They're reducing the price of I-Phones, and it still doesn't matter

I was hanging out at today and they are talking about the new I-Phone price. Apple dropped the price of the I-Phone by $200. Currently it stands at $399.00. And yes, I still want one!

But in reading the comments in Consumerism Commentary, I realized that the only reason I entertained the thought of buying an I-Phone in the first place is because I have AT&T as my service provider already. Not only that, but I've had my contract longer than 3 years, so I have no fees for changing my provider if I so wished. So really, I'm free.

Other people that are on other providers would have to switch (pay a fee to their current provider and then switch over to possibly higher fees and a "slave contract" with AT&T). Double punch in the ole wallet, yuck.

That's when I realized that poor Apple has dug itself into a hole, simply because it's not the price of the I-Phone necessarily (although $600 was steep for a phone) that was the problem. The problem is that Apple didn't realize something: Freedom and choice is always more valuable than gold.

I mean, isn't that why I'm ultimately taking on this millionaire challenge? Ultimately, I don't really want a million dollars for the sake of owning a million one dollar bills -- I want the freedom and choice that a million dollars (or more) can give me, right?

Poor Apple, I think they went about it the wrong way. The I-Phone would have been a SMASH HIT (even at $599) if they would have just known that having a choice of carriers would have been the cherry on top of the Sundae.


All the bells and whistles and the freedom to boot.

Yeah, that could have been their motto. Damn, I should have ventured into Marketing. I'm wasted here!


  1. This is a good post. I never realized that they were being offered by only 1 cell company. I love apple but that is still a very expensive phone.

  2. I lost interest with the iPhone long ago. I'm still using a Nokia 3320 (or something like that). Guess I'm just not interested in Phones.


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